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  1. : : Thanks. If these indeed are the ones I'm looking for I'll be very grateful. I am not looking for the unaccompanied, just the ones for violin and piano. I've heard that Peters Editions have them but they are imports and expensive. I'll check out Dover. : I have an edition sitting atop my piano right this moment, as a matter of fact... it's a Dover publication (bad news for your pianist...these editions are notoriously difficult to keep open:), Library of Congress #78-54301. The complete title on front reads: : Johann Sebastian Bach : WORKS FOR VIOLIN : The complete Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccom. violin : The 6 Sonatas for Violin and Clavier : (From the Bach-Gesellschaft Edition) : (Includes a nice color mug of JS on the front:) : Wonderfully free of editorial obfuscation, : 1978 : $9.95 !! : Good luck...
  2. Am looking for Bach Sonatas for violin & piano (not unaccompanied). Do any publishers in the states put this out?
  3. also, can anyone tell me where i can get some stairway to heaven tabs for free? if so, please let me know. my web address is, www.wordcpts@aol.com . thanx.
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