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  1. I've been told that JB did it himself, likely from an unsalvagable Del Gesu.
  2. As a UNIT!! It's the only way to go.
  3. My friend owns the "Ex-Benny" Vuillaume. I'm sure it's really cool to have a violin with such a colourful history behind it...but personally I like my Vuillaume better (del Gesu copy with a real Guarneri label).
  4. quote: Originally posted by: raymanrmd123 The price you pay for greatness?...attached is a photo of Henry Szeryng's fingertips. Though that may have come from twisting the cap off of numerous bottles of JD. I've seen worse grooves though.
  5. quote: Originally posted by: outside If Yale becomes a top notch music school because of this endowment then this will also be fortuitous for those who have just completed the program even though they had to pay. At least the competition wasn't so extreme; at least they got in and got a diploma. "You got a masters in performance from Yale? Wow! You must be amazing." "IF Yale becomes a top notch music school..."?!? Yale IS a top notch music school. I would go so far as to say that it is one of the top schools for one to get a Master's degree. The best thing about it is that it is small and (was) relatively overlooked and overshadowed by the dominance of Yale University as a whole.
  6. Thanks Toscha. That's probably it! I'll look into it. Cheers,
  7. Hi everyone, I need some help identifying a piece for violin. My dad heard it on CBC radio 2 today and since CBC is in labour dispute there is no information on the website. I wasn't able to get any information other than "alouette" by denahue or donahue or something phonetically similar. If anyone knows of such a piece please let me know. My dad said it sounded pretty cool and now I'm very curious. Thanks!
  8. 1960's is not that old at all. I have a feeling perhaps you misidentified the year. But if not, it's too bad that such a young violin has such damage. I would steer clear from it if they have not significantly reduced the price.
  9. Too bad they didn't put his bow on straight.
  10. "I too believe in the use of shoulder rests. However, I am still very courious as to why Menuhin, Perlman, Heifetz and many other superstarts dont/didnt use shouldre rests. " Perlman has almost no neck and really doesn't need a shoulder rest. Heifetz used a wadded up cloth on his shoulder under his suit. Menuhin has a shoulder rest NAMED after him.
  11. T-Rocca, You know, I've often wondered that myself. But to be completely honest, this is the only Vuillaume that I've played that appears to be an attempt at an exact copy. All the other Vuillaumes I've played were just models, not copies, of Strads or Del Gesus. Mine has what appears to to be a Del Gesu label.
  12. Yup, on loan. I've always been curious as to after which Del Gesu it is copied, but have never really gotten to any definate conclusions.
  13. I think Vuillaume did the graft to make it look more authentic. It actually IS a graft to, he didn't just make a cut line.
  14. Here's the scroll. Though I don't think the scroll is very authentic to Del Gesu.
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