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  1. I have a violin that pushes back the history of square rib corners as least as far back as the mid-1800's. Here is the photo of the rib corner on the Jacques Thibout violin (1845) in my "French Collection".
  2. quote: Originally posted by joker973921: Does anyone know of any solo vioin material besides the bach sonatas and partitas that would be appropriate for a recital? There is a nice collection of 5 solo Baroque pieces published by Tischer & Jagenberg: Th. Balzar: 2 Preludes und Allemande F. Biber: Passacaglia (this one is very nice) F. Geminiani: Sonata (g minor) J. G. Pisendal Sonata (a minor) P. v. Westhoff: Suite (A major)
  3. quote: Originally posted by JB: >... The problem I have with the Putsch involves attaching the strings. The tuners are different from, say, the Wittner tailpiece. Here, you've got to drop the ball end through the hole in the tailpiece, and then you've got to drop it through another hole in the lever of the fine tuner. I can't get this to happen without taking off the tailpiece, since the holes are pretty small and they don't line up easily. >... I use a Pusch as well. I bought it from Caswells (Bristol, UK) for around 30 UK pounds. I have the same trouble fitting my strings as you do. My solution is to PULL the strings through the holes from underneath. Though you have to be careful not to damage the strings or the top of the violin.
  4. quote: Originally posted by Miranda: Definitely wacky ! I do wonder if his aim & intention, is his own personal attempt to dispense with the traditional pomp & ceremony that has long been associated with such performances, in the vain hope that 'it' should be brought to the common people. Having seen Kennedy perform and/or jam in many informal music situations (e.g. in local pubs, etc), I am convinced that this IS his aim and intention.
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