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  1. I like the music in this video clip and would like to know whose music it is. Any information is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you use flat sole finger planes exclusively? Is rounded sole finger planes evered needed?
  3. I watched the bonus disc (documentary Small Wonders) in the Music of the Heart movie. There is a scene in which Isaac Stern "couched" the students to play. What is the song they were playing? Thanks for the information.
  4. How can I cut the corner blocks and ensure the block is cut at right angles to the flat surface? I use a #7 outside bevel gouge.
  5. How to do a good job to plane the ribs as the heights taper to the top block?
  6. I have been washing brushes and pots for hide glue with hot water in a sink in the bathroom. Will hide glue clot the pipe after frequent use?
  7. I used "scary sharp" to sharpen my tools and have been using silicon carbide sandpaper. Is it a correct one to use? Does anyone know where to buy sandpaper with a good price?
  8. Since the blocks are leveled after gluing to the mold, why cut the rib heights taper to the top block when preparing the block (according to J&C and Strobel)? Can't I just make them of the same height?
  9. I use plywood to make the mold. Do I need to seal it to prevent glue from causing problems later in removing the mold? What is use to seal plywood? What is a better choice for the mold? Is that also required sealing?
  10. What tool is good for fluting the edge?
  11. Michael, would you please briefly describe how you sharpen your scrapers? Do you use any burnisher to do the job? Do you use any rectangle scrapers besides the curved ones? Thanks.
  12. Michael, regarding to your "Marking the rib thickness", how do you adjust (or measure) the distance between the nut head and the point/scratcher to the thickness? Do you mind post the complete picture of this tool? Thanks.
  13. Quote: ... use a small propane torch to heat it up from the inside... Does it mean that you have to leave the propane torch on to heat the the pipe and bend the rib at the same time?
  14. Is there any information about making a home-made bending iron? I tried to search the archive, but did not find any.
  15. Is this Herdim peg shaper easy to use and worth buying? Herdim peg shaper
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