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  1. I've used them on my fiddle. I prefer them to Helicore (tho' I use Helicore when the price is right). These kinds of strings need fine tuners -- get a Wittner tailpiece (< $15) along with the strings. The last flyer from Int'l Violin (http://www.internationalviolin.com) had *both* Helicore strings and tailpiece on sale, so this might be a good time to try. (You can use the tailpiece even if you switch back to synthetic strings.) : I'm looking to change strings also. My teacher ... recommended ... 'Superflexible'. Anyone use these and have any feedback?
  2. : ...but I can't seem to find any good used german violins for around $500. ... Try Elderly Instruments: http://www.elderly.com Follow links to used/vintage instruments, violin family. They usually have a decent selection.
  3. Have you had the bridge height and fingerboard checked (e.g., for correct "scoop")? : My newly acquired violin has a hollow, dead sound on the G string anywhere above the second position...
  4. : I have Duel Fates From Star Wars episode 1 For ALto Saxaphone. DO you have any good music i can get from you. Keith
  5. : : : I play the Alto Saxaphone and I want to learn how to play some of the Star Wars' Theme songs. If anyone can send me music that i can play on my sax, i would love : : : it. Thank you. : Paul Katsetos
  6. Info on A/B with the composite or other bows would help, too... thanks.
  7. I've gotten a couple of broken bows via UPS, so I can tell you that just putting them in a bow case or left attached inside a violin case with the spinners is *not* a good way to ship. They throw those boxes around with enough force that if the bow can slide enough to impact the tip, they will break it. Best bet is to get a sturdy piece of plywood (1/4" thick or less is fine) about 1 1/2" wide and longer than the bow. Wrap the bow in plastic and tape it securely to the piece of wood. Then, package well. FedEx has a very sturdy, long, triangular box that CodaBow used to ship bows to me th
  8. My one violin has a Hill-style boxwood (or so it appears) tailpiece with built-in fine-tuners, like the Wittner/Dominant metal ones. Seems to work fine, and looks good (especially since it matches the rest of the fittings). Does anybody know where to get something like this? I'd like to find an ebony one for my other fiddle.
  9. http://www.henrystrobel.com Start with his "Useful Measurements ..." book. It covers fractional violins pretty well. For cello, use the back lengths as a ratio. (I'm guessing this works for cellos, but I've only monkeyed with my kids' fiddles. Check a couple to be sure.) : I am looking for standard stop lengths for fractional sized violins and cello. any info appreciated
  10. : I am interested in learning about the fiddle. Have : played classical music on violin for many years but : not very good with my ear. How can I get started? ... Well, to really be a fiddler, you have to develop your ear. Try to find out if there is an "Old-time Fiddlers" organization active in your area. If so, there are usually pretty low-key "jams" where you can work on learning a variety of simple tunes "by ear." If you don't have access to live workshops, then you'll need to work from recorded sources. I'd suggest you get a copy of Fiddler magazine and look at the videos.
  11. http://www.onelist.com Search for "bavs" (beginning adult violin students). : Can any of you direct me to an email list (as opposed to a BB) devoted to people learning the violin?
  12. Excuse my ignorance, but what is "outside" (for both 1sts and 2nds)?
  13. : .... I haven't checked out the other place you : mentioned...do they have a website? You should be able to find *all* of these places by doing a search of this discussion board. Elderly has a very good reputation, by the way, so I would not discount them at all. They guy who works there on Thursdays (name escapes me) has built dozens of violins. They also have very sane prices on used violins (except for the odd consignment priced high). They had two Scott Cao's last I looked, one priced OK, one not. Also, lots of older stuff. Worth a look, IMHO.
  14. : What model Cao do you have??? It's labeled STV-900. : Would you know anything of the stv-550 model quality? Nope. It's not listed on the website (just 500 and 600, but based on the number, it's from the factory in China). Did you call? Here's the website: http://members.aol.com/scaoviolin/scottcaoviolin.html
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