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  1. Having advertised the Sheffield Shostakovich weekend, due to a family death I need to get rid of some tickets for Sun 3 October at 1130 and 1400 (3 each). If you're interested, I'm in the Sheffield phone book.
  2. Most people will know that the Lindsays are disbanding next year. This weekend they and friends (Sorrel 4-tet)are playing the Shostakovich 4-tets in Sheffield. They're pretty well sold up, but it's worth phoning for returns.
  3. I echo Basking Shark's advice. One addition: you may have to shut off all your other apps to avoid skips. However, since practically the entire BBC output is available to be streamed for a week after the original broadcast, you can choose when to get your copy.
  4. Does this include arrangements? If so, look out for stuff by Peter Hill and Ben Frith, in particular Rite of Spring. I've no ideas if they've published, though. Oh, and they did a couple of Haydn symphonies at this year's Music in the Round at Sheffield. One piano, four hands, by the way.
  5. I'm amazed that no one has mentioned the Shostakovitch 24 Preludes and Fugues, at present being discussed in another thread. For that matter, Bach's 48 only turned up once. BTW, I've heard more than one soloist (Lupu and Schiff come to mind) say they play one or two of the 48 as psrt of their warm-up. Any comments?
  6. Nikolaeyevna's recording of the 24 P&Fs is indeed inspirational.
  7. He has a CD out on Hyperion -- mainly Rameau. All Rameau's solo keyboard sheet music is in a single volume from Dover.
  8. Does anyone have any experience of being awarded obviously wrong AB grades? What did you do about it? With what result? You may prefer to wite to mw privately, in which case I shall post an anonymous summary.
  9. Could some genius do some calculations to illustrate enharmonic intervals?
  10. Pity I didn't see this sooner. The Lindsays' (who are soon to disband) play one or two two-week themed festivals a year here in Sheffield and the one that is on right now is focussed on Haydn. On Sunday May 9 they played the Seven Last Words. Sadly I missed it, but I'm told it was a stunning occasion. Anyone who's in reach of Sheffield should check the box office for the last few days (the festival ends on May 15. It's mostly sold out, but there are a few seats in the 2nd tier. Or plan for May 2005 - Beethoven. Then they disband. I've been hearing them since about 1970, and they haven't lost their edge. They'll certainly be fllowing the old precept of leaving their fans wanting more.
  11. A starting quartet of 16-year-olds (male leader + three girls) can't decide on a name -- suggestions, please.
  12. My daughter and three (well, it would be three, wouldn't it) 16-year-old friends are forming a quartet. At the moment they are working on Haydn's "Bird" 4-t (to give an idea of their standard -- they'll be playing it at a master class with the Lindsays in a few weeks). They have plenty of conventional repertoire, but they are being asked to play some lighter gigs, like weddings. They would like to emulate the Soweto SQ. Can anyone suggest suitable material for this sort of entertainment? Free downloadables would be particularly welcome, since they can't afford to spend much until they've earnt a bit.
  13. Outside of London (where there is a choice of symphony concerts most nights) it's worth googling around most of the bigger cities -- Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Edinburgh, to name a few. Pity you weren't a month earlier for the Proms.
  14. I haven't heard this recording, though it's had some rave reviews in Uk. But her Sibelius at the Prom was splendid, even by FM. I suspect the rumoured connection with Previn arises from conusion with Mutter. Mullovs is (approximately) married to cellist Matthew Barley. He is a very nice guy. At Easter he soloed the Prokofiev Symphony Concerto, played at a residential of the City of Sheffield Youth Orrchestra, and hung around most of the week, to the pleasure and inspiration of the boys and girls in the band (actually age 14-20).