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  1. : Any more details available about the theft? When and exactly where was the violin stolen from? Any suspects? : S. Hersh Yes, the suspect has been apprehended... His name is Giovanni Battista Viotti...
  2. From the "Corriere della Sera" - Monday, Nov 9: ROMA - Rubato uno Stradivari, il «Colossus», nell'abitazione del violinista Luigi Alberto Bianchi. Il celebre esemplare, comprato nel 1987 a un'asta londinese di Christie's per 900 mila dollari (oltre un miliardo e mezzo), era assicurato per quattro milioni di franchi svizzeri (oltre 5 miliardi), presso i Lloyd's di Londra. Il violino deve il suo nome alle particolari dimensioni, maggiori dell'usuale, ed è appartenuto al compositore settecentesco Giovanni Battista Viotti. Il furto è avvenuto nei giorni scorsi presso la casa materna del violinista, alla Balduina, ed è stato scoperto dallo stesso proprietario che era appena rientrato da una tournée.
  3. : It's a very cool place. The Stradivari museum was better than I ever could have imagined (it's very large considering the subject and has fascinating stuff, at least if you make violins), and the town is beautiful. There are lots of specific places to see, and they are well covered in the tourist publications you can pick up in town. Has supposedly the tallest church tower in Italy, at 111 meters. Don't skip going! (Of course I didn't see ANYTHING is Italy that wasn't beautiful, so in that context maybe Cremona's just another grubby little town :-) You are right... Cremona is an OK town, with a few interesting things to see, but cities like Ravenna, Verona, Mantova, etc are orders of magnitude much more beautiful in their own special way which can be best understood if one is aware of the history that has helped shape each city. I would stay in Verona and take day trips to Cremona by train (1-hour ride each way) as needed.... Orlando
  4. : : by Bach. Pretty complicated. Any tips? : Go and get the Heifetz master class video .One of the Master feature the chaconne. Better yet, get Ivan Galamian's master class video on the Chaconne... from the Shar Catalog.
  5. : Why was my post about my teacher's concert next Sunday removed from the bulletin board? Because these admins have decided that they can arbitrarily determine which posts may be allowed and which may not. While their intentions may be noble, such as removing spam & commercial posts, in reality any ever-so-slight difference of opinion is sufficient to get the post booted. Let's wait and see if there is a valid, legitimate reason as to why an innocent post about someone's concert had to be censored.
  6. : My name is Timothy Fawcett. I am a 17 yr old violinist in Las Vegas. I need to find a piece. Here is the info on a recording of it: : Author: Locatelli, Pietro Antonio, 1695-1764. : Title: L'arte del violino [sound recording] : op. 3 / Pietro Antonio : Locatelli. : Published: [France] : Rodolphe : Distribution, Harmonia Mundi France, : p1989- : LC Call No.: Rodolphe RPC 32513, RPC 32531 : Notes: Rodolphe: RPC 32513, RPC 32531, : 12 concertos for violin with string orchestra interspersed with : 24 caprices for violin solo. : Diego Conti, violin ; Virtuosi dell'Accademia. : Recorded May 25-27, 1988, Thbecatre de Montecarlo, Lucca (v. : 1), Jan. 7-9, 1989, Thbecatre "Art Deco' 13," Florence (v. : 2), Italy. : Compact discs. : v. 1. Concerti n. 1-2-3. Capricci 1/6 -- v. 2. No 4 en mi : majeur. No 5 en ut majeur. No 6 en sol mineur. : Subjects: Concertos (Violin with string orchestra) : Violin music. : Other authors: Conti, Diego. prf : Other authors: Virtuosi dell'Accademia. prf : Control No.: 90753151 /R : So it is opus 3 I need. More specifically maybe oups 3 no. 6. Well I have had major problems find the sheet music to this. Everyone keeps telling me it is 25 capricci, but it is not. If you can help please reply. Thank you for your time!! : : Tim Fawcett There are 12 concertos in Opus 3... Each concerto has one capriccio appended to the end of the 1st movement, and one to the end of the 3rd movemenet, for example: 1st movement: Allegro + Capriccio 2nd movement: Largo (or whatever) 3rd movement: Allegro + Capriccio therefore: 12 concertos & 24 capriccios. So, as you can see, the capriccios are a component of each concerto. I know the 24 capriccios (by themselves) are published by Ricordi (Milan, Italy) but I don't know of any edition of the complete Op 3 concertos, if it does exist.
  7. : I am suprise that didn't know I already bought a the violin. : I never regret buying the violin as the quality is getting better and better. : I bought a exact copy master hand made violin by S.Cao. : Wonderful fiddle! Check his website up.The pictured Canonne violin is my violin. Is "CAO" a pinyin transcription of his name ? in other words, is his name pronounced TS'AO ? Just curious...
  8. : This concerto is RV 214 in the Ryom catalog. Unfortunately I don't know of any recording of it. : Flavio RV214 is also known as: - F.I. 207 (Fanna) - Ricordi 453 - Pincherle 152 Some CDs will show the RV or the F.I. number, or both. I have a double-CD of all 12 Op. 7 concertos: It's by DENON, performed by "I SOLISTI ITALIANI" with HansJoerg Schellenberger at the Oboe.
  9. : I saw someone posted a message some time back about going to the 1998 Exhibition of Violin Makers in LA, but there was only one response. I want to go, but have no idea what they are like. Anyone been to the exhibition like this one held in NY last year? Anyone going to the LA one? I've never been to a violin exhibition before, but I'm going to the Butterfield one in L.A. Saturday morning (it starts at 10am) Orlando
  10. : I have acquired a violin labeled "Joseph A. Cevmak." Other words on the label are "houslavkutna Hova zhotovil 1923" (not able to add accent marks.) The violin appears to be in good condition. : Can anyone give me any information about this violin maker and his violins. I would like to have it appraised if it is worth the trouble. : Thank you. Houslav = the name of the maker Kutna Hora is the name of a town in Bohemia (current Czech Republic) zhotovil = "made" (from zhotivit = to make) Therefore: Houslav made in Kutna Hora in 1923 Orlando Incredibly Important Link
  11. : : Why are Italian violins, violas, and cellos so expensive? : how about: : cars, bicycles, firearms, clothes,... : i don't believe that they are any better than american made top quality instruments, but in 1986 i joined an italian bicycle racing team and raced in northern italy on an italian race bike (twice the cost of a comparable u.s or japanese bike). the italians have of way of just getting it right. the feel just could not be matched, even if the weorkmanship was. in fact, often the italian makers would deliberately leave file marks to show that they had worked in it by hand! i probably imagined the big difference in ride and handling qualities, but i sure had fun doing it. the italians i think for all of us have a certain magic; their coolness factor is off the scale. the closest i think i will ever come to owning an italian instrument though will be if i find one of those gibsons at a guitar show; otherwise i will have to admire from afar. : mike I agree with Mike ;-) Orlando Click here
  12. : Could anyone tell me how much this violin worth : if it is real modern italian violin labeled : Giusette Fiorini 1923 Roma. ^^^^^^^^ That would most likely be GiusePPe ...
  13. : Is anyone planning to go to the 1998 Exhibition of Violin and Bow Makers at Butterfield & Butterfield's in February? I've seen the ads in Strings and the International Musician, and wonder what these exhibitions are like. Can we play the instruments or just look at them? I've heard that there will be some really good makers there and about 100 instruments at the exhibition. Anybody going to this one or have gone to one previously?? Have not been there before, but I plan to go since it's only 5 minutes away from my house.
  14. > I also have several adult beginners who hate the wobble-wobble sound of a beginning vibrato and > don't want to spend their precious and limited practice time doing that. For the adults, I use an > analogy of a savings account. We talk about how hard it is to put that money away, when there are > so many things we want right now. But later, when the numbers start to add up, it really feels good > to have a "nest egg". They all like the analogy, but still they don't want to hear that weird sound. > What can I say to them to get them to keep working on it? How about you make them listen to piece (or passage) fist taped without vibrato and then WITH vibrato and then ask: "Which of these two do you like the best, and which of these two would you like to be able to play ?" Of course, pick something that is played at a speed that can fully enhance the use of vibrato.
  15. Has anyone here had problems in ordering and receiving items from Strad Publications in the UK (the publishers of Strad magazine) ? A few months ago I ordered the "Basics" book and it took forever and several calls to England to finally receive it... Now, I ordered two CDs & other items over a month ago and they said the items were in stock and would be shipped withing a week... FOUR WEEKS LATER here I am making phone calls, they investigate, I call again, they claim "yes, should have gone out" but cannot confirm anything, etc... in other words, complete disarray. Has this also been anyone else's experience ? I'm ready to throw the towel and never buy anything again from Strad Publications. thanks
  16. Hi all I've been looking all over the place (both on the net as well as in catalogues such as Shar and Southwest Strings) trying to find the following works as complete sets, rather than selected individual pieces of sheet music: - Complete set of 12 concertos Op. 3 ("L'estro Armonico") - Complete set of 12 concertos Op. 8 ("Il Cimento dell'Armonia e dell'Invenzione) Any suggestions as to where they may be found, or are they just not in print as whole sets ? Thanks....
  17. : : How did nou get your copy of Strings so fast? I live one mile from their office in San Anselmo, and I haven't seen mine yet. : : I don't know, it was mailed to me a week ago and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Puzzeling huh? I'm in L.A. and my copy arrived well over a week ago...
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