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  1. Hello all, I have been asked by a 'cellist friend of mine to post this question to the Pegbox. He is shopping around for an instrument and would like some advice on one in particular, which seems to have some sort of trouble with the neck. His e-mail address is below, if you would like to advise him directly. ___________________________ "Recently I was looking at cellos at a shop here in Maine. The luthier is very reputable and his work is really quite superb. I have been trying out one cello in particular and I am smitten. My only concern about the instrument is that the neck appears to be twisted ever so slightly so that the pegbox appears to be twisted off center by roughly 6 or 7 degrees. I have looked at the neck thoroughly and I can't see evidence that the wood has warped or cracked. It looks as though the neck might simply have been carved crooked. My question is: will this be a problem for the instrument in the future? What might happen if the twist is not corrected? Has anyone else encountered this problem before? The name of the builder is "The (blank) Group". Unfortunately, I don't remember the blank, but I do know they are American. Since a friend is posting this question for me, if you have any suggestions would you be so kind as to post them to: anthony.cushing@maine.edu ? Thank you, Anthony Cushing"
  2. You're the one who has to play that violin. If you think it sounds better with Pirazzis, keep them.
  3. It's a...violumpet? A violation?
  4. A friend of mine is doing some research and has asked me to post this query to the Pegbox. "I'm searching for information on baroque cellos. I want to know WHY Stradivarius, with his second cello template (forme made a SMALLER instrument that his previous instruments. Most original Baroque cellos were much larger and were subsequently cut down to make smaller instruments. Are there any good sources where I could find information and pictures on this subject?"
  5. My first-ever musical instrument was our big old upright piano. My parents have had it since the mid-'70s. It's supposed to have been made circa 1904, though I don't know what brand it is. I spent many years practicing my piano lesson material on it. It's quite a high-quality piano, actually, and if I get rich someday, I'd love to get it restored. The first instrument I played in a real ensemble was the plastic Yamaha student clarinet I played in high school band classes. I never was a stellar talent at clarinet, but I still have it and still play it occasionally. The first bowed string instrument I've ever had is the viola I currently play. It's a 15.5" Gliga GAMA model made in 2000, which my viola teacher (yes, I finally have a teacher!!) has said sometimes sounds so sweet he could take a bite out of it. [This message has been edited by 2Violet (edited 04-08-2002).]
  6. I flew at Christmas with a viola in an average-sized shaped case. I wasn't hassled too much (except on smaller planes), and was allowed to bring it aboard as a carry-on..but that was before Air Canada made new carry-on regulations. :/ I'd rather take a bus than check my viola any day!
  7. I usually just wash my hands thoroughly before starting, and wipe them on a cloth if they get sweaty. I've heard my teacher suggest using baby powder before.
  8. I play the viola, but since I'm relatively new at it, I don't think I'm good enough to even consider putting a recording online.
  9. "Did they somehow manage to compensate you for the damaged guitar?" My brother wanted them to pay for replacement of the guitar, as it was barely a month old. They didn't want to pay for anything at first, not even an attempt at repair. Eventually, after a lot of hassle, he managed to wrangle some sort of settlement out of them and got a new guitar.
  10. This isn't really related to composite bows, but I noticed a definite difference in feel when I switched from my brazilwood bow to the newer pernambuco one. It just felt more lively and gave a feeling of connection with the instrument.
  11. roman: The website didn't say anything about the old instrument carry-on rules, either. I had to phone Air Canada and ask about them. I would rather take the bus than allow my viola to be checked, and possibly destroyed. My brother's brand new guitar got smashed on the way home at Christmas because of the airline's carelessness with checked luggage.
  12. Hey now, don't jump to conclusions..I'm a "beginner" too, and my current bow certainly isn't an expensive one!
  13. I haven't played any Gliga violins. I have a 2000 Gliga GAMA viola, (a step or two below the Maestro model). It came from a shop that did a proper setup, and I've never had any problems with it, except for the fact that it hates Dominant A-strings. I like it very much, and I've gotten many compliments on its round, mellow tone. I'd say I got a very nice instrument for my money.
  14. Maybe you could play some chromatic scales at the start of your practices, really concentrating on the intonation of each note. It helped me a few times when I thought my intonation was a bit off. [This message has been edited by 2Violet (edited 02-23-2002).]