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  1. Your violin is very beautiful and looks in mint condition. But yours is a "Gand and Bernardel" violin, which is much more valueable than "Leon Bernardel" violin. Tarisio.com has a "Gand and Bernardel" violin and a "Leon Bernardel" violin, too.
  2. Could someone provide information about this maker? How is his violin regarded in general? After trying several violins from a local dealer, I bought this Leon Bernardel violin for my daughter when she switched from 3/4 to full size violin about 17 months ago. The violin has a very nice tone and nice looking. All I know is Leon Bernardel was a French maker from late 19th century to early 20th century. The violin has a trapezoid shape label insdie" LEON BERNARDEL X 18 LUTHIER 75 X 40BIS RUE DU FAUBG POISSONNIERE A PARIS Could someone help translating the label?I checked Maestronet "Price History", which listed 8 such violins. Except varnish, they provided little information other than auction price. Most of them did not list year, either. My other question is: What is the age of my daughter's violin? Does the numbers "18" and "75" on the second row of the label mean "made in 1875"? If so, this violin seems a lot older than what I saw from "Price History" which I found two, with years 1901 and 1913. Any thought? I know label does not mean anything. But this violin did have beautiful orange brown varnish, with some age wear off, two piece medium flame back. We like it very much. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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