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  1. : Does anyone know of any websites with violin theme screen savers to download, either free or for sale?
  2. If you have a violin that you are curious about you should find a qualified expert and have them evaluate it. Most sites online get this question so often that they usually put up a notice for people not to bother asking them. No one can tell very much about your violin without examining it in person.
  3. I worked briefly for a package carrier very similar to UPS and I would imagine that things are pretty similar at all of the package companies. Marking your package "Fragile" means nothing to the average spare truck loader/unloader. After your box is on the truck no one gives it a particularly close look until it arrives at the terminal. Its then thrown, slid, drop kicked, or jump shotted out of the truck and onto a conveyer belt and someone will look at the zip code and route it to another truck. Inside this truck are a couple of guys who are basically playing a game of 3-D Tetris with your package. Boxes are frequently coming in faster than they can thoughtfully deal with. Your box is then made part of a layer of boxes that builds towards the back of the truck trailer. Frequently the blelts get jammed and boxes are quickly picked up and thrown clear in order to keep the belt moving. Most packages can stand up to this process pretty well but a violin is not a particularly good candidate for this treatment. Most package services have weight limits but even a 70 lb. box tossed carelessly on top of a violin could be catastrophic. Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you as to the best way to ship or get your money back. Best just to document the condition of the violin as thoroughly as you can. Insure the shipping and then if possible have the reciever open the package in front of the delivery guy.
  4. My title pretty much says it all but I would just encourage you to aim as high as you dare. You've got a dream and a goal....that gives you an edge over most people. With a goal like yours even if you fall short you could still find yourself with a pretty great violin career. Dont give up and don't let popular opinion stop you. When you do make it as Consertmistress of the NY Philharmonic I do hope you'll still find the time to drop us a note here!!!!!
  5. Don't feel so out of place....many of us here are complete beginners just like you or only a few weeks ahead of where you are now. You will find lots of information to get you started online and many here who will answer your questions but you really should at least find someone to teach you the basics at least in person. Best of luck in finding a mentor of some kind...have fun!!!
  6. What are the best violin magazines? I'd like to get a subscription to a good one but wasn't sure which ones would suit me. Homepage
  7. Thanks for the answers. Between your answers and those I got on BAVS I've pretty much discarded the idea of getting fine tuners for the other three strings. I had just been wondering why they weren't used on all strings more often. I'm getting better at adjusting the pegs over time. My A tends to be a bit stubborn though when it comes to getting it spot on with my tuner. Like most things violin though it gets easier with time. Me Home Page
  8. What is it about my bow stroke that causes the bow to bounce on the string? I've only been playing for a couple of weeks but this is a particularly annoying problem that I occasionally have with my long bow strokes. Any suggestions?
  9. What about fine tuners? What kind of strings can I use them with? Are there reasons I wouldn't want to use them? What are the pro's and cons? Roj
  10. One thing that I have been very disappointed in in my very brief experience as a violin player/student is the way so many local shops...("This is a local shop for local people! There's nothing for you here!" -LoG)...really rip off their customers. My little brother in law was taking violin up until a few months ago and his local shop was offering to sell him his rental violin for $1500. His private teacher said that it was a piece of junk. The local shops I've been in have all been monsterously overpriced on their violins, strings ($56 for Dominants?), tuners ($75 for Intellitouch?), and cases. However I have been very luck when it comes to my teacher. She does work in the learning center of a large music store chain however she never pushes the store products and has suggested that I visit several other stores to look for supplies. I'm sure there are some good local shops but both from what I've read and experienced it seems that the vast majority take advantage of the fact that beginners and their parents or older beginners really don't know how to choose good equipment. (How can I compare violins or bows when I've never played a note?) Truly though its a shame when you can't trust your teacher. The internet is a great answer to this problem. Within days after my first post here I was fortunate enough to be advised by some people who's advise has proven to be quite good. As a result I have what I feel is a nice violin to begin my music lessons with. More importantly perhaps I've got a couple of good people who can answer questions for me and steer me in the right direction. (Actually between here and BAVS I've got dozens of opinions to weigh) I feel the worst though for the beginner who has been taken advantage of and ends up struggling with a terrible instrument and a teacher who is more interested in collecting a fee for a half hour and comission for some "Student Violin Package" that sells for $1800 and was lovingly machine crafted from wood rejected from HomeDepot. Yep...makes me want to say "RRrrrrrrrrr!!!! and add and AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!! for good measure.
  11. Ok in having done some research and gotten some advice from various people I've found two names that have come up again and again. I've found two package deals that I'm considering and would like some feed back on them if you will. Number One: StringWorks Artist: oblong case/Joh. Krausch bow - List - $1,359.00 - Our Price - $810.00 - SALE $760.00 - Number Two: Scott Cao STV 600: deluxe case/Dominant strings, Glasser composite bow---$700 Whatdoyathink?
  12. I can't thank everyone enough for posting so many supportive responses. So here's my update... Through the internet I got in contact with a teacher who gives lessons at a music store about a mile away from my house. She is very willing to take on an adult beginner so I think my first hurtle is out of the way. Now onward towards finding an instrument.... Again I need advice. I have a budget of about $500 for my first violin. I know from the research I've done already that I don't want one of the cheaper "student" violins. I am aware than rental is an option but I really feel that I'll be more likely to stick with it if I make the investment in an instrument. Actually the way I found this newsgroup was that my search engine pulled up a post here about a buying a first instrument. That post said that German instruments from the earlier part of the century and pre-WWII instruments could be found around my price range and were recommended. What about new instruments. Assuming I am unable to locate a quality older instrument in my price range what should I look for in an instrument, what should I stay away from and what makers are best. Online I've located an Otto Ernst Fischer? Standard on the Shar Products website for $485 for the outfit. Is this a good starter kit? Help!!!!! Thanks for all you great folks have done to assist and advise me already.
  13. Hello, I'm a 28 year old who took band back in Jr. High.(woodwinds) but never kept up with it. I have always wanted to play the violin and now have the time and opportunity to take lessons but I've been told that I'm too old to start taking violin. I'm really hoping for some encouragement because this is something that I've always wanted to do. I'm just starting out in this process so I'm looking for everything from an instrument to an instructor. If you know of any assistance or good music shops in the Arlington, Texas area I'd love to hear about them.
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