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  1. quote: Originally posted by house_officer: Hi Mark! Surely it's 1928, not 1828? Otherwise this Lim guy would have been more than a 100 yrs old when he started with the violin! /House_officer House-officer,thanks a lot for pointing out the wrong date of birth of Lim, I have just edited my last post and adjusted the date to prevent further confusion. Cheers, Mark Dooley [This message has been edited by Mark Dooley (edited 09-17-2000).]
  2. "Born in Indonesia in 1928. Begin violin training in 1936. At 18, he was awarded a scholarship to study the violin at the Amersterdam Consevatory of Music from which he graduated in 1950 with the highest honors. He then went to Paris to study at the Conservatoire National de Musique, Conservatoire International de Musique and the Ecole de Jacques Thibaud, again winning prizes and gaining distinctions. During this time he studied under Georges Enesco and gave recitals all through Europe. In 1956 he was appointed Musical Director and Conductor of the Djakarta Radio Orchestra. He later accepted the post of Principal Conductor of the Peking Radio Symphony Orchestra and became Professor of Violin at the Central Peking Conservatory of Music. During his stay in Red China, Lim Kek Tjiang gave recitals and conducted in every major city on the Chines Mainland. He went to Hong Kong in 1968 where he played violin, recorded Chinese violin music and became the director of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra." Quoted from THE WAY THEY PLAY BOOK II [This message has been edited by Mark Dooley (edited 09-17-2000).]
  3. Did you call the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra or Sandra Wagstaff's violin shop for suggestions? Mark Dooley
  4. I second robjohn30's and MuzkGuy's recommendations for Studio City Music, the Bennings are really great. Mark Dooley
  5. According to Rabinoff in "The Way They Play Book 2,his del Gesu was part of a so-called 'three-sister' set made by Guarnerius in the early 18th century.One of the three was the violin Paganini used and later bequeathed to Genoa, then there was Heifetz's 'David' and Rabinoff's is the third. Does anyone know who owns /plays this violin currently? Mark Dooley
  6. Eric Benning has made a violin with Italian poplar back. It's listed in Studio City Music gallery on the Maestronet. Mark Dooley
  7. Leila Josefowzicz is currently on tour with Jaime Laredo (her former teacher) and the Brandenburg Ensemble, they are going to perform at the Rialto center at 3 pm. in Atlanta today, the tour will end at Carnegie Hall but don't know the exact date. Mark Dooley
  8. quote: Originally posted by HuangKaiVun: I remember the String Builder as having done nothing for me or my classmates. Nor have I heard Samuel Applebaum play the violin, and I am skeptical of any teacher who I haven't heard play well. Wasn't Applebaum Erick Friedman's teacher when he was a kid?
  9. Has anyone on this board used the STRING BUILDER for violin? Is it still widely used today? Mark Dooley
  10. Atlee, Thank you very much for your reply. I play the harp and it's my 6-year-old daughter who's taking violin lessons,can't wait for her to play a full-sized violin. In the meantime, enjoy your new violin. Mark
  11. Pablo de Sarasate? quote: Originally posted by Mike Powell: He was tall in stature, quite frail from childhood, short in temper, But quick with the bow, Traveled to Paris,to perform his splendor His love for a woman,had cost him all, and spent his last days,in prison, with only the song of his violin. Maybe we can get Lymond to answer the mystery of this early virtuoso? Kind of miss his Rhymes!
  12. Hi! Atlee, Just curious, which luthier's violin did you pick? How do you like it? I plan to buy a Tadioli based on the majority of positive comments on this board. Cheers, Mark quote: Originally posted by atlee: I am new here, so forgive me if the subject had been discussed before. We bought a new violin for our daughter in November in this 1999 Cremona Violin Exhibit. It is a very good violin made in Cremona. Did anybody know about this yearly exhibition sponsored by Musafia? [This message has been edited by Mark Dooley (edited 01-11-2000).]
  13. I play a violin made in 1997 by Hans and Eric Benning , although I bought it sight unseen, it exceeds my expectations and I am very proud of it.
  14. German Winter cases are very nice.
  15. I'm interested in a new violin made by Hans and Eric Benning. Can any Benning violin owners share their experience with me regarding their instruments? Thank you, Mark
  16. Did you carry Mr. Masters new or rebuilt violins?
  17. Has anyone bought violins from J. Masters who is located in Columbus, Ohio?
  18. Can anyone share information on William Johnston violin? Has anyone purchased violins from him? What are your comments?
  19. Does anyone have info about Finnanzza violins?
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