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  1. Could you please tell me the URL of this website?
  2. It's really hard to explain in text. Look up HKVs how to play the violin thread and read the section on the bow. Don't let your thumb touch the horse hair. I've never heard of anyone, Russian, Franco-Belgian, or Galamian school doing that. Jonathan
  3. I had the same problems....when I used a shoulder rest.
  4. Anyone have one of those old fashioned telephone numbers or shall I hitch my horses and travel up to NYC?
  5. Does anyone know how to look at their inventory and order from them online? Jonathan
  6. Also he has an old Mozart/Tchaikovsky/Glazunov WOW. And those new players distort rhythm a lot MORE than Heifetz. I distort rhythm for some music, but not too much.
  7. Have you ever thought of oiling her bow when she wasn't looking?
  8. I have read that being Curtis alumni is pretty much a ticket into any of the big Orchs in the US. I find orchestral playing interesting but would personally find it very tedious to do for a living. I would love to be a soloist for living, except that is quite a bit harder even than orchestra. I know some people who make quite a bit playing violin by playing principal positions in small orchs, doing part time work w/big orchestras, teaching private lessons, and teaching at a University. You're putting a ton of time into music that way, but you're not putting any more time into your job than say a good lawyer or doctor.
  9. Concertmasters tend to come up with really dumb bowings. I don't understand them. Also, as a rule they don't like suggestions because they are pompous jerks. On the bright side it doesn't look too bad to do different stuff on a fast movement.
  10. I came to the same conclusion in teh opening theme, later on it was worse, but still not really bad at all. Just something to pick on. Something about picking the speck out of someone elses eye.
  11. Staylor I didn't mean to insinuate that you were insulting paganini. After reading the first post I thought you were, thus I drew the connection. But no bad intentions were involved.
  12. U of I, I agree. I imagine this means you go to University of Idaho? I am moving to Moscow in Fall, do you have any recommendations for violin teachers?
  13. I never said he was less of a composer. I thought Staylor's comment about it being an arpeggiated accompaniment to the orchestra was an insult (it may well not have been) so I simply said that that's basically what Beethoven's concerto was and yet no one bashes it.
  14. Actually, now that I think about Wolf. (as an abbreviation) op. 38 I remember that it was fairly boring, but playing the duet parts was fun. I think when I teach though (I do plan on teaching sometime soon)I would probably have my students work on scales with tons of different bowings/variations, and then do the Wolfahrt op. 38 duets as duets to learn for playing w/other people. Kind of to add some fun to whatever they're doing. (You've just gotta face it, until you get around Suzuki volume 5 level it's just not that fun to play)
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