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  1. With some trepidation, with one exception...what's a peg reamer? Unless the OP decides, as Vda suggests, to venture into repairing, the tools listed, including a peg shaper , exceed the $150 outlay she expects to pay for the work.
  2. With some trepidation, one exception...what's a peg reamer?
  3. Apparently Carlisle had a partner either before or after the filming.... In my 'Clunker' bin there's a fiddle labeled,in flowing script, 'Cremonatone' along with 'Made by Violin Makers' H W Beach and J R Carlisle Cincinnati, Ohio. Looks to be fairly well made, Amati style... cracks in the top, upper bout ribs broken both sides of the neck block,replacement block wider than original. The neck seems to me to be Japanese(only Carlisle I've seen)...possibly a replacement..doesn't seem original to the fiddle. Got it thrown in during some trading years ago...no inclination to tackle it yet.
  4. Some great stuff from this guy on youtube
  5. Judging by the center picture, I'd take a hard look at the neck angle..quite a bit of inset into the top.
  6. Hi pjham.... You say 'This violin was surprisingly nice to play'. I'm assuming this includes playability ,sound, and tone. The removal of the excessive cleats and glue, and return to sanity w/r to cleats , will change the instrument (for better or worse) for sure. I would try to get a tap tone from the plate as is (if possible) and compare with the restored plate before shaping the bass bar.
  7. JP was truly an outstanding fiddler, and quite a raconteur... enjoyed his talking almost as much as his fiddling. I have some good jam session tapes of him playing at Galax Conventions from the late 80's (buried in some trunk after several moves), a couple of his commercial tapes, and I think,his last(maybe only?) CD, with fiddler Betty Vornbrock playing second fiddle....very nice.In some ways,it seems to me his phrasing was kind of like listening to Frank Sinatra or Willie Nelson sing.
  8. Yes...He did a series on Scottish TV nearly 30 years ago, visiting with American fiddlers....Kenny Baker (with the Bill Monroe band), the late, great Kentucky fiddler J P Fraley , among others . They are still on You Tube. BobH
  9. Hi Greg, welcome. The William Henley book lists a violin maker : HOYER ,OTTO FRITZ....a transposition of the given names could yield the tag...may be wishful thinking, but Henley was not always right. Or perhaps an error occurred when printing a fraudulent tag. FWIW: 'Born 1891, Worked at Stuttgart ,Potsdam, and Markneukirchen. Died 1938 Excellent design and varnish, Cremonese and Tyrolian models'. Pictures would give the experts here an opportunity to express opinions on the instrument, irrespective of any tags (labels). In the violin world, most labels are meaningless. New members are in a picture-posting-purgatory (until about 8-10 posts); however, you can post pictures on other sites and post a link to them. Look through the search mechanism for info on this. Not trying to be a smart ass, but to build up your post count, you might tell why you think the fiddle and bows are of high quality. BobH
  10. In a current post (Auction Scroll) the cost of doing professional work in replacing broken F hole wings prompts a post on unusual work done (not by me) on a fiddle I've had for about 25 years. The F hole work was the attraction for me (Could have been a good display in the fiddle shop I never opened) but the neck also has both a heel and scroll graft, with the fluting stopping at Professor Saunder's 6 o'clock. Good sounding old fiddle, but hardly worth this much attention. I've never removed the top, but can tell the joints are tapered. Could this have been in conjunction with Guild, or Violin School training, or perhaps simply a labor of love? In any case, a lot of time and chalk was used. Sorry for the poor picture...hasty setup..had to shoot at an angle to highlight the rings. Photoing fiddles ain't easy. BobH
  11. Am I alone in having difficulty accepting that the wing (a cantilever of sorts) actually broke at an angle crossing the growth rings, conveniently providing easy post tinkering, with the runout further providing a favorable slope on the break line? If a break occurred, It surely was enhanced IMO.
  12. 49 and a ham of meat. Lair was quite a talent scout...It's a shame he's not in the country music hall of fame....Nashville apparently didn't like him.
  13. A few years ago I had a fiddle with a Mangenot label. It also had a penciled signature written on the inside upper bout back. I think it was customary on his fiddles...according to Henley. A nice violin.
  14. Not to 'pile on', but the peg-hole arrangement is horrible...the E peg is way too high for D and D is too high for the poor A ...a nightmare for tuning.
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