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  2. I don't like wearing my watch but I always wear a pair of thick slipper to cushion my legs.I practice long hours everyday and I don't like praticing sitting down on a chair.
  3. Very intereting Aman.Yesterday, I was in a music store and saw a very interesting Ravi Shankar cd which I immediately fell in love with.I would get it as soon as I get some cash.
  4. Actually, I did switch to modern bow hold for a few days.In my observation, passages using long bows are easier to play.Slured scales and spicatto are easier to execute.But when it comes to playing chordal music (Bach's fuga etc), I find it hard to play well.I'm still trying both bow hold, personally, I like the way I sound with a Russian grip but I'm opening the possibilty what else I can do with a modern grip. The Galamian student did say I should switch to a modern bow hold.She was demonstrating how the hand naturally falls to its shape and thinks the Russian way is a rigid form of playing.She was also talking something which I couldn't quite grasp...energy flowing from the left hand towards the right through the body as the middle point blah blah blah and the energy should return back to the left hand by using the index finger via a modern grip.She mention that the index finger position should always be facing the violin (modern grip) and the pressure by the index finger is a sort of energy releasing source.It seems with a russian grip, I'm flowing my 'violin energy' towards the ground.I know it sounds ridiculous now but what strike me most is that she still managed to get a very big but sweet tone from my violin using a modern grip. By the way, I've also notice many violinist are leaning towards the modern grip but am glad there there're still some good violinist(Repin etc) that employs a russian grip but still play very sweetly, as opposed to the big powerful sound associated with a russian grip.I'm just wondering, has Gidon Kremer always used a modern grip??He sounds clumsy in them.
  5. I've always use a Russin grip.It feels good under my skinny fingers and I can play with considerably more power than a modern grip.My teacher uses a modern grip but don't mind that I play it different from her.But recently, I met a lady (a student of Galamian) and she commented my bow hold.She told me I'll benefit more changing my grip.I don't understand,what a modern grip can do better than a russian hold???
  6. All bows loses its elasticity and get crooked or something after a few years, just to a different degrees.Better bows stays in shape and don't change that much.I send my bow for 'straightening' as how my luthier puts it every few years just to make sure the bow is back in shape. By the way, I lossen my bow after every time I take a rest. [This message has been edited by November (edited 04-26-2001).]
  7. I've seen some expensive chinese instruments up to 20 k plus.Not all are cheap nowadays. My teacher's violin...a Chinese (Hong Kong to exact) cost nearly 30K but it was an international prize winning violin. I believe if you want to see and buy the greatest of chinese instruments, you got to go directly to HK or China.The Chinese are known not to share their best things for centuries.
  8. Does Joushua Bell's violin counts?
  9. Hmmmm.....mine is octaganol near the frog and tip but the stick gradually turned into a round bow. The bow of my dream, which I played once but couldn't afford yet (16 thousands ++ ) is octaganol.
  10. I prefer older penambuco bow.At least you know thats the shape its going to retain, unlike new bows which you'll never know for how long it will remain the same.But then ,in my limited experience, good bow in good conditions are extremely rare.And when they come in one, they're soooooo expensive.Good playability and perfect balance dosen't means good condition.So many things to be taken into consideration, much harder to shop for a good bow than a violin in my opinion.
  11. About 5 years ago, I walked in a shop and saw a poster on the wall 'Alf & Curtin'. I asked the dealer about it and he just laughed and said Alf & Curtin will just laugh if they see my name at their order list and the violin dealer made the impression they wont make me a violin eventhough I have the money because I'm a 'nobody' in the music scene.I didn't buy anything from that dealer.By the way, is that true?
  12. 4500 dollars for carbon bows???No matter how good it sound, I'll take a penambuco any time.
  13. I've bought a violin last year which I ordered and specifically said 'one piece' back.It came in one piece bird's eye and I was schocked when I first saw it.I've sold and made a profit of out if it since.Though I like the way it sounded, its not a very pretty looking violin.
  14. Try custom making a bow which suits your 13 year old frame and your 5'3 height. [This message has been edited by November (edited 04-22-2001).]
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