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  1. : Wow, at last somebody with the music!!! I've been searching for absolutely ages!! Please send me a copy by email too. I'm very grateful. : dated: 8/28/99
  2. : http://www.inscorp.com/harmonica/music.htm : This link has a few songs. If anyone finds other : music online...please pass it along!
  3. Pirastro may well have stuck the wrong label on some batches of cello and "Cellisto" rosin. Since they ignored a past question I posed by e-mail about Synoxa strings, I do not feel particulary inclined to attempt to correspond with them again. If you advertise here, you ought to be looking in on things. If you're interested in being knowledgable about your product lines, you ought to appreciate our questions as opportunities to clarify problems (especially when a company has many overlapping and/or all-but-redundant products). Of course, I am a bit surly from posting this at the end of an overly long day of research and writing.
  4. can u please give me a list of all the notes flats and sharps for the violin.Ireally need this so please help me any kind of help with the notes because I dont kno them
  5. In the interest of total fitness, I think another dimension could be added: the pianist Abby Whiteside advocated bouncing the torso up and down with the buttocks muscles to add levity to the top arm. If the violist incorporates this with also wearing tap shoes and doing flamenco steps (sitting atop a cello box for maximum tap resonance), a complete body workout is achieved, and no accompanyist is required.
  6. : : Hi all. : : In my senior year in high school I spent many hours making copies in the music department. I asked the same question. The director told me that he had talked with a composer and was allowed to copy his music. But, we'd sometimes copy music that was copyrighted, and after the concert we destroyed the copies. It's ok for educational use to copy music. You can't sell copied music, that's really what the laws are concerned with; the illegal sales of copyrighted material. : I've always heard that you were not allowed to make : copies, regardless of its usage. Say, you can make : copies of some material and then you can donate : it to another person. Would the copyright law allow : that? What stop people from just scaning copyrighted : work and putting it available for free on the web? : I would assume this would not be legal. Maybe I'm : wrong. : Acacio.
  7. There have been many postings on this subject over the years, one quite recently that apparently hasn't been archived by Maestronet yet. I believe it was Carolyn who touted the Stringworks over the Scott Cao because apparently she had both. You might contact admin for this board for a copy of that particular recent discussion. There's a cello comment still posted: http://www.maestronet.com/wwwboard/messages/39864.html As far as the bow is concerned, my immediate reaction is to go with the pernambuco Krausch bow over the Glasser composite. While the higher end composite bows are spectacular, the Glasser composite is designed for students who want durability and better playing qualities than the standard fiberglass. The higher end composite bows are comparable to pernambuco, but not the Glasser in my mind. Carolyn, any comments? David : Ok in having done some research and gotten some advice from various people I've found two names that have come up again and again. : I've found two package deals that I'm considering and would like some feed back on them if you will. : Number One: : StringWorks Artist: oblong case/Joh. Krausch bow - List - $1,359.00 - Our Price - : $810.00 - SALE $760.00 - : Number Two: : Scott Cao STV 600: deluxe case/Dominant strings, Glasser composite bow---$700 : : Whatdoyathink?
  8. I would say that the Schumann is more difficult and rewarding than the Greig, but go with whichever one you like the best!
  9. : I would like to know if there are any good collections of Harmonica sheet music. : I can only find begginers books on how to play but not an entire collection of Harmonica songs. : Anybody out there see any?
  10. : I bought a blue danube harmonica... lost the sample music sheet... tried looking on the net.... where are they all??????? help me please
  11. : : I noticed a buzz sound when I play on the lower two : : strings (D,G) today. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Musicary carbon fiber bows from France are carried by Shar in the US. These are quite good (IMHO not quite equal to CodaBow Classic--but close, much better than C. F. Durro), and can be tried on approval through Shar. Musicary Bow
  13. : HELP!!!!! : I was informed today by the luthier who does repair work on my violin that my instrument is not compliant with Y2k!!!! He said that it had something to do with the sound peg and string support system, and would cost about $1800 to fix!!! My violin is a genuine A. Poggi, and is worth a substantial amount of money, but I simply don't have the cash to fix it (I extended myself financially when I bought the violin from him 9 months ago). My question is, don't you think that it was unethical for him to sell me the violin when all along he knew that in a few months it would not be Y2K compliant!!! I'm at my wits end and just feel sick!! : Linda
  14. Hi. Althought the discussion occurred over a year ago, I think I should add in my piece, since I'm a physicist. Violins are loud because the sound from the strings couples through the bridge to that big "violin" part which acts as an amplifier. The coupling of the sound through air is completely negligible (sorry). This is how mutes work - it damps vibrations passing through the bridge and thus damps your overall volume. I make no claims about the string behind the bridge. That part of the string will vibrate, and I cannot estimate the impact that damping that small amount will have on the overall tone. I would guess that, since sound is not coupled through the, uh, the thing that holds the strings behind the bridge (you should be able to tell I'm a physicist, but I've played for 15 years!) at all, that the small sympathetic vibrations experienced by the short length of string in back of the bridge will have little to no impact on the sound. However, watch out how you perform this experiment. One end of that little piece is attached to the bridge, and if you _completely_ damped that little piece, you'd be damping the bridge and thus the sound. A good experiment would use a very wide clothespin or clamp stuck onto each small length of string and not in any way connected with the bridge or the thing holding the strings. That should give a result independent of bridge/scroll string length or bridge/"that thing" string length. Hope this helps! (if anyone ever read this)
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