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  1. yes, he won Paganini competition some years ago. He is not at all a good player. There is a CD in which he plays Paganini pieces, and it sounds like an student sufering with the notes. He is italian, and probably for this he won the competition.
  2. quote: Originally posted by staylor: How interesting! When I was in the US I bought some CD's as usual, and I thought to take one of Vengerov, to see how he really plays (I didn't buy one before, as CD's of him are not subsidized since they are all recent recordings). Interesting (and very virtuosic, of course). Don't agree with everything though. But what I saw on the write up on the cover was that he now lives in Israel! And I didn't even know it! Does anyone know what affiliation he has to Israel? I've never heard the name Vengerov, before HIM! S.Taylor Jerusalem, Israel. [This message has been edited by staylor (edited 08-02-2001).] his parents live in Israel. He is judish. But he has an apartment in Montecarlo as well. Regarding the new CD, I think it is not on his top level. Probably he is not practicing that much. However, it is of course, a good level. But not Vengerov's level.
  3. Try a cheap one and a good one and you will realise yourself why!
  4. I think if someone gets famous, it is not just a fact of marketing, the truth is also there. Heiftez said that he did not record the 24 Paganini caprices because was never well prepared for them. Heifetz!!!! So, what I mean is that it is not so important if someone can play or not the Paganini caprices, but how are they played is much more important. Also, did Stern recorded them? I do not think that he is less artist for that. A young really incredible violinist is Bart Vandenbogaerde (from Belgien), I am sure soon we will hear a lot from him.
  5. Does someone know the names of the three finalists in the Michael Hill Violin Competition in NZ? Thank you in advance for the information!
  6. quote: Originally posted by HuangKaiVun: Thanks for responding, Pety! Good to see you back. I was away for a period. but I think I came back in the right moment! Greetings!
  7. Dear Fetique! I am absolutely sure that you will learn a lot if you go to the summer class of Prof. Negri. His teaching is really great! Once you have got a lesson, you will realise it ! He is just the best in Europe. And I was student of Zakhar Bron also, but Miguel Negri is much better. You will be very happy of spending this money. Do not think it too much and...GO!
  8. I know that. I also had the same teacher. But I prefer Vengerov even a bit more. quote: Originally posted by Violinerrrz: Repin and Vengerov had the same teacher, I like Repin just a little bit more.
  9. I was yeaterday in one recital of Repin. His technic and sound are defenitely solid. After the concert I went with him and my teacher to take dinner (they are very good friends)and he is really nice and easy person. I like when someone famous keeps a "normal person". In two days other student of my teacher is going to Montecarlo to play for him. He is lucky!
  10. You should know, if you want to have contact with italians, they can not speak english, at least many of them, and if they do, usually very badly. I am living in Florence at the moment, studying violin, in Vicchio, were il Giotto was born. Cremona... I did not like it, and in Italy the best luthier now is in Lago Maggiore, not there. His name is Lucca Sbernini, he won these last years the most important prices. Anyway, enjoy your time in Italy, a lovely country! quote: Originally posted by illuminatus: I have been planning to go to Cremona for some time, but every summer, there was a problem. This summer doesn't look good either. Maybe next year. I don't speak Italian. I speak English and broken French. Do you think I should learn Italian before I go there? There are lots of tourists so I am thinking that I really don't need to learn Italian. Any thoghts?
  11. I recommend you the Szeryng Edition. His fingerings are very good. They keep all the voices (many "homemade" do not take care of this)and are violinistical.
  12. aS THE JURY IS made by persons, and each person is different, each audition is also different. Just try to be yourself, do not try like the jury. My personal opinion is that an audition is not the best solution to take students, you must be nervous... The best is what in some places do, a trial period, the school where I am at the moment,Negri Violin School, in Italy, they do so. In this case, the teacher can see more things about your playing, your progress after each lesson, your personality... But unfortunately there are not many places like this one.
  13. I also think his playing is silly. He does frases without sense, and his technic is not special. I think he takes too much drugs, really. When he was 16 he was playing very well.
  14. Technically is brilliant. I had a video from him playing God Save the Queen. It is incredible! Musicaly he is just one more.
  15. I never heard before that from dying art. What I heard was just that classical music is for old people. Many times I agree, because in many concerts is just boring! I do not mean the music, but the way people play it. Really, they play to go to sleep. I understand that young people prefers to go to pop concert, where they participate more. I think classical music should be more popular. Like Vanesa Mae (I do not like her), many people know her, but not Vengerov. OK, it is a good begining to start knowing about the existence of the violin.
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