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  1. So, this evening I'm taking my violin to the Philippines, (which is very humid) from San Francisco. Will there be any transition problems to watch for? Also, will there be any problems on going back? (three weeks later) I need a quick response; I don't think I'll have access to the internet over there. Thanks in advance, Joey P.S. I have asked the remedy to this problem for many postings so I'll just say it straight: If the A string is shriller than the G and D, no matter how bright the G and D are, and how dark the A is, what factors may be involved? Is there any way to fix this? (I have Dominant G and D with a Eudoxa Aricore A, and still the A is shriller) This is the most annoying thing. It sounded great over the summer...
  2. Would a Eudoxa A gut or Eudoxa aricore a work with Olive G and D? The Oliv A is way too bright for the rest of the strings.
  3. In my research for a violin, the Jay Haide violins were very loud and powerful, and too bright. They were equipped with tonicas. I suppose that using a warm string, such as Aricores or Obligatos will solve the problem. On the other hand, Doestch models with Dominants (believe it or not) are sweet sounding, and rather resonant, although a bit unreponsive. In terms of aesthetics, Jay Haide violins are and look very new, whereas the Doestch violins are meant to look like antiques. It depends on your taste. Hope this helps! Joey
  4. My G and D are not powerful enough, and yet the A and E are too loud. What can I do to fix the problem so that all strings are in equal balance of tone? I use Obligato strings which are nice, but the problem still remains. Would bridge height, sound post setting, or humidity make a difference? Or better yet, might there be something wrong with my bow hair? My bow is a brazilwood Erich Steiner from Ifshin's, and I've been using alcohol to clean my strings. Should I have to wait a while after I use the alcohol to play the instrument in fear that the alcohol may come in contact with the bow hair. (And no, the alcohol does not spill on the instrument itself.) Thanks in advance, Joey
  5. From my experience, dominants take a long time, and I mean 2 to 4 weeks to break in. The A is especially annoying, it is so bad! Thomastik should seriously consider making them silver or gold wound.
  6. On the violin, all the strings should have the same amount of volume, that is, it matches all throughout the scales, etc. If so then why is the Dominant A so much brighter than the Dominant D, aluminum and silver. It seems an Aricore A works best in matching tone. Then again, the Dominant G and D are not as clear and bright as I'd like. Do Tonicas have the responsive, rich sound throughout, with no added harshness on the A string? If not, what set of strings would you recommend? Joey
  7. In my Dominant set, the G and D are very pleasant sounding, and the Gold Label E is wonderful, too. But the A is simply horrible. It screeches like an alley cat! Upon hearing of the subtleness of Aricores, I've decided to get an Aricore A. My question is this: Of the three types of Aricore A's: Chromesteel/Perlon, Aluminum/Perlon, Eudoxa Aricore which one would I most benefit from? I would think that the chromesteel/perlon would sound similar to the Dominant A, but that's just my assumption. Should I get the regular Aricore, or go all the way with the Eudoxa Aricore? How does one justify what is best? Any help would be very much appreciated. Sincerely, Joey
  8. At first, I had Dominant G, D, A on my violin. Then the A started sounding thin and unresponsive. Thinking it went false, I put on another one. After letting it break in, I found the same problem present. I replaced the dominant A with an Oliv A, and it sound sort of harsh, not at all warm. Should I wait for it to break in? (It's been installed for three days) Might a Tonica A work better?
  9. For those of you who have tried Obligato strings for a long period of time, how are they after a few months? Do they supposedly last a long time, or does teir responsiveness fade away after a short while? I haven't heard much hype lately on the Fingerboard about these strings. We've heard the praise received when the Obligatos were new, but after two months or so, how are they really? Also, does anyone know where Obligato Violin sets are sold for less than $40 US? Same with an Olive set?
  10. : Hello im Jared and a trumpet player could you send me the military sheet music Tapps, and What i think is revelee: the music the trumpet player plays to wake up the soldiers because my bro. is in Jrotc and he wants me to play it for him to wake him up of the morings yo wake him up How dumb are you? You must really suck if you need music for TAPS or reveille.
  11. Is it advisable to install wound gut strings (Eudoxa, Oliv, etc.) into a Wittner tailpiece (the kind with four built-in tuners)? Would a traditional wooden tailpiece be better? Also, is there any advantage of a Hill style tailpiece (with a crease in the middle) as opposed to a smooth one?
  12. Are the Oliv A's the very same as the Eudoxa A's? Would a combination of Eudoxa G, D, E, and Oliv A work? Do Eudoxa Aricore A's sound as good?
  13. Is the Gold Label A string supposed to have a little budge at the tailpiece end? I find it hard to install this string into the tailpiece, so I thought it was a defect, but instead of driving 50 miles to my nearest luthier I just decided to ask here! If so, will this be true for Eudoxa and Oliv A's?
  14. Joseph, I enjoy playing my Gliga, because it has a dark, rich tone, yet it is powerful, too, even with Dominants. The E is sweet sounding and not too loud, so an E on the A string would sound just like an open E. I'm thinking of getting Eudoxa or Obligato strings to further enhance its performance. Can you tell me what the Pro and Maestro labels read (for future reference) and how much each model should cost? I bought my 4/4 for $1000. Is that a reasonable price? Thanks again, Joey
  15. I own a Gliga Violin and I have no way of knowing what model it is. I know that there are three models (Student, Professional, Maestro) but that's all I know. If it helps, the label reads: "Strumenti musicali eseguiti nelle officine GLIGA Fecit Anno ...... 1998 05.089" The first line is written in italics, and "GLIGA" is written in bold. "Fecit Anno" is written in straight boldface. There is also, on the label, a graphic of a violin to the left of the writing. Any help would be well appreciated. Sincerely, Joey P.S. I'm pretty sure that the purfling is not inlaid.
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