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  1. Dear Stepan, Shiela's Violin Discussion board: is similar, though smaller it seems in membership, but very nice! Frank
  2. Apologies in advance for this inexpert post, but have an observation... Hair scales all lay the same direction (overlapping, as scales do) yet the bow seems to sound equally well drawn upwards or down. (I could be wrong- I just have never heard anyone mention a major differrence here) Were scales the major factor, I'd think that the bow would sound very loud one direction and weakly, if at all, the other. Sorry again for the inexpertise. If it is, indeed, troubling, please disregard the above. Frank [This message has been edited by greatmaul (edited 01-21-2000).]
  3. Best of luck to you! I'm also an adult beginner and anxious to start lessons. I have heard that "self taught" hand positions can be very limiting, so do wait for your instructor if you can! p.s. thanks acacio for the info on "bavs" except the address turns out to be, instead, or more specifically, Thanks and best of luck and good times to all of us! Frank [This message has been edited by greatmaul (edited 01-21-2000).]
  4. It is a great question and I look forward to any insights people may have on it. As an additional reference, if you go to the old board at: and search for frog (or, indeed, most any topic) you will find page upon page of pleasing, perhaps perplexing, posts to peruse privately which pertain primarily to the problem previously presented. Please proceed post-haste
  5. Hi Kathy! I am certainly no expert, but I have read (on this board, at times) that often older violins, say, turn of the century (last one) or so, can be found for bargain prices that easily rival those you have listed. Said violins are harder to buy, in a way, as they may have repairs or need them, but it may be possible to obtain a delightful instrument which is well crafted and will suffer fewer of the "growing pains" that some new instruments do, particularly those which are more affordable. Sometimes the wood in those instruments has not been aged sufficiently or properly, and cr
  6. Thanks so much Jeffrey, The bridge was actually one of the major parts I wanted to obtain. It seems the difference between a generic bridge and a Mirecourt Deluxe is only $10 in a catalog, but is some $75-$125 additional at a local shop (fitting included.) There is simply no way I can afford $175 to have a bridge fitted, (the violin barely cost that much) but I did want the highest quality I could afford. I can easily afford the finest bridge... I only hope I can find someone to fit it for me. Thanks again so much for your considered opinion, I really appreciate it! Frank
  7. Thank you, Oded, for your much appreciated input. Based upon it, I decided I'll tell the shop that I have these pieces and ask them for an estimate to fit them. That way they'll know if there is any hit to their profit on materials and be able to give a fair estimate on the labor alone. Thanks again so much! I'd hate to have embarassed myself or insulted anyone. Frank
  8. Would it be insulting in any way for me to walk into a violin shop with pegs, tailpiece, and bridge and have them fit them for me? Is it like walking into a restaurant and bringing your own food in? I don't want to ruffle any manes... Frank p.s. btw thanks to all for the info on the crack I found. I have stopped panicking a little and will have the shop repair it if I can... Ok Im still a little shook up... [This message has been edited by greatmaul (edited 12-30-1999).]
  9. Looking at violin today and noticed 2 cracks running from left side of saddle up. Worst is about 2 inches the other is 1.5. I think Im going to cry. Im in a panic now wondering if they were there all along or if the cold air and heater are making my violin fall apart! Any idea of price how much it might cost to repair these 2? Thanks, *sigh *sniff Frank
  10. Dunvegan - you can get a hygrometer/vaporette setup from SW Strings (and probably many other places) for $20 and position it easily in your case Frank
  11. I can't even find the post I was going to reply to - but it was along similar lines.. where someone was suggesting we point out boards that may meet our needs better. Wanted to point out the parent's place BB. I'm a new parent but do not use this board due to philosophical differences. It does, however handle many times the traffic of the old Fingerboard and is arranged in a similar fashion. Sorry I would have posted this to the right message if I could have located it. (I tried ) Frank PS.- I tried and like the cel
  12. Wanted to mention that the old board still exists along with its massive search function, perhaps the most useful pool of stored knowledge on violin playing and lutherie. As the old board exhorts, "Please feel free to search old topics first, to see if your question has already been answered.." in depth even and with sub threads. Frank
  13. I liked it quite a bit at first, regardless of the change, but now it is driving me a little insane. ->I can't keep track of which topics have new posts unless I click on all of them, and newer posts become buried under older posts with later replies. -->I LOVED the way the older system listed sub posts with new topic names and the "micro-discussions" provided more joy sometimes and much more information often than the original post generated. --->Kudos to the admin for the stability and the great, I'm sure, effort, but is there any way to modify this progam? Frank P.S.
  14. Ben- Congratulations! It is a wonderful looking violin! Did I read somewhere you have plans for number two sometime soon? It would be wonderful to have seen the first violin made by a future master luthier! Frank
  15. Ben- Congratulations! It is a wonderful looking violin! Did I read somewhere you have plans for number two sometime soon? It would be wonderful to have seen the first violin made by a future master luthier! Frank