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  1. I haven't seen any replies about this issue. Rue, what phone OS are you using, and what browser?
  2. Can someone try again? I have updated some settings on the back-end.
  3. I can see Rue that you're posting from a mobile. David are you also on a mobile?
  4. Some things to try: 1. Try a different browser. 2. Try clearing cookies and cached data. This in particular has often fixed odd issues, especially after an upgrade. 3. Log out and in again.
  5. Ok I edited your post and was able to embed a video. Can you post the link to the video (just the link)? I'll try and embed it.
  6. Ok so you see that it is trying to embed the video, but then it doesn't actually show up in the post.
  7. I just pasted in the URL from a Youtube video I watched yesterday(I'm into still photography and learning about video). Seems to have embedded fine.
  8. Nothing has changed on our end to prevent the embedding of videos. How are you trying to embed them?
  9. Also, if you go to your account settings and go to the bottom link, Content View Behaviour, you can change the default link.
  10. For me, that link also correctly takes you to the most recent post, read or unread. The blue circle on the left takes you to the oldest unread post. Clicking on the title will take you to the beginning of the thread.
  11. Ok I had to clear my cache (or use CTRL-F5/CMD-R) to reload the page - then I was able to upload attachments, as you can see in this post.
  12. Everything should be fixed now. Please let me know if there are other issues.
  13. I have tweaked the layout further, and it will collapse down properly on any browser, including phones. When you tap/click the 3 bars, the menu will fly out from the right as it should allowing all of the options, including private messages, marking content as read, and logout.
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