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  1. Also, if you go to your account settings and go to the bottom link, Content View Behaviour, you can change the default link.
  2. For me, that link also correctly takes you to the most recent post, read or unread. The blue circle on the left takes you to the oldest unread post. Clicking on the title will take you to the beginning of the thread.
  3. Ok I had to clear my cache (or use CTRL-F5/CMD-R) to reload the page - then I was able to upload attachments, as you can see in this post.
  4. Everything should be fixed now. Please let me know if there are other issues.
  5. I have tweaked the layout further, and it will collapse down properly on any browser, including phones. When you tap/click the 3 bars, the menu will fly out from the right as it should allowing all of the options, including private messages, marking content as read, and logout.
  6. Hi Everyone, Thanks for your patience while we worked out a few things on the back end. We have rolled out a new theme that is much better on mobile devices and tablets. You will properly get the 3 bars at the top right that will fly out a menu allowing you to log out and in as well as everything else you normally do. It's not perfect yet (on some pages you will have to scroll right to see the menu) but we're working on all of that too. Also, on the desktop version of the site, the various options are back on the right side where they were before. As always, speak up if you have something you need help with. Glenn
  7. The slowness was definitely on our end, as I have the best connection to the site and it was slow. I've restarted servers and it seems to be behaving better now. Let me know if it's better, same, or worse.
  8. ghunt


    GeorgeH has pointed out the one option which is a the very top right that will mark every thread of every forum as "read". When in a forum, there is a button at the top right of the forum on the same line as the pagination that says "Mark Forum as Read".
  9. ghunt


    It's not really redundant. The button at the top will auto-scroll to the bottom and drop you into the reply box, so if you just need to type a reply, it gets you there faster.
  10. ghunt


    Hello everyone, As you can probably tell, we've performed an upgrade that isn't massive, but isn't insignificant. It looks like everything is working well, but as always, please chime in if you notice something that seems broken or not working correctly. Glenn
  11. I know it's been a month, so the reply is rather late, but the hosting is good (although I'm biased since I run it ) - it just needs some upgrades. Plus the advertisers and maker listings cover the cost of hosting so it's not a budgetary issue.
  12. Hey everyone .... yes we had a few power issues this morning, but all is good now.
  13. Hi Stephen, Yes please PM me and we can sort out your issue. Glenn
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