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  1. it says to omit all piano solos so I am kinda confused.
  2. I am playing the third movement of the A major concerto (#5) and I know I play the solo part, but do I play the tutti also because I know that means together or it it just for piano?? Thanks In advance
  3. I have recently played a gorgeous sounding violin at my music store in town inside it said Spoer(sp) and had the word selmer in it and william Lewis. I fell in love with this violin, but alas it was too expensive I was just wondering if this is a member of a line of instruments and who made it because there are so many labels on the inside.
  4. The thing is I have no idea what I will be playing. It is for the state honors orchestra audition, so I dont know what it will be. Does anyone know what the usual pieces a judge selects for these auditions??
  5. Does anyone have tips for sight reading?? I know to look at the key and time signature and look for any accidentals, but are their any other things that can help me because sight reading is not at all my strong suit.
  6. I have to play the 12th Kreutzer etude from the 42 etudes and I was wondering how fast the 16th notes should go. It is all 16th notes and they are in arpegios
  7. Actually I played a wonderful 1996 violin by or for william P Lewis( I think by). It had a selmer tag in it also. I had played it with a coda conservatory bow and oh my gosh the sound was gorgeous it was 2800 not bad at all. But it was 300 dollars a month and my family couldnt afford it and I was so dissapointed I wanted to cry.
  8. I am playing the violin part along with my friend on the viola. I dunno if this is any indiacation of what I can do, but I am playing the eclcles violin sonata in g minor for my solo. I was thinking of the Hayden if they go in order from easy to hard. I dont even know who rolla or the others are.
  9. I know I am asking a lot of questions which may seem kind og dumb to some people, but I was asked to play the violin viola duet and am not familiar with any songs on the list of duets so will somebody please suggest some pieces on this list. I am going to play the eccles sonata maybe for my solo and ensemble just to give you an idea of where I am. A 1 Duo Concertante Op. 4 No. 2 in c minor Play mvt. I I (Adagio ma non troppo) and mvt. III (Rondo) Composer: Rolla Publisher: Peters A 2 Duets 1-6 for Violin and Viola Composer: Hoffmeister/Sherman Publisher: Medici A 3 Four Duets Play one mvt. Composer: Bach/Kortschak Publisher: EAM (Import)/UnEd A 4 Duetto in C Play any mvt. Composer: Lidl/Thomas Publisher: Medici A 5 Duo Concertant Composer: Rolla Publisher: EdMus A 6 Vier Sonaten (Altman Vol. 2) Play one mvt. Composer: Haydn Publisher: BH A 7 Streichduos KV423€KV424 Violine und Viola Play two contr. mvts. from any one duet Composer: Mozart Publisher: Henle A 8 Duos KV. 423-424 Play any mvt. except pg. 6 Adagio or pg. 21 Cantabile Composer: Mozart/Bensieck/La Forge Publisher: EAM (Import)/Int A 9 Three Duets Play two contr. mvts. from one duet Composer: Beethoven/Herman-Pagels Publisher: Int A 10 Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14 Composer: Rachmaninoff/Maganini Publisher: EdMus Thank you in advance to anyone who answers this. As I said before I am not at all familiars with any of these pieces and It would be a great help to me.
  10. I think this came up before, but I am not sure. Well I was looking for vocalise and I came across a set of Milstein cd's for 59 dollars. Does anyone have this?? Is it worthy of reccomendation? I have to convince my mom to buy it for me. I can put the link down if anyone wants to see whats on it. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00...2434721-5446211
  11. ok now oes anyone know??
  12. sorry I thought there was just one. It's Rachmoninof I dont know an opus number
  13. wonderer


    I've been asked to play the duet Vocalise for violin and viola and I was wondering if there are any good recordings out there and I was also wondering about the difficulty. I know that difficult is different for everyone, but in your opinion is it?
  14. quote: Originally posted by HuangKaiVun: wonderer, who cares about harder? Play them both - and have TWICE the fun! I wish I could play the mendellsohn the first page goes ok until the doublestops. I have played for 5 yrs, but only with a cello player as my teacher so obviously I havent done everything I can, but I live in a small town therefore there arent any violinists to teach. I think if I take the movements slo and practice just one section a day and maybe listn to some recordings I might just get it. I have a tendency to copy when I hear a cd and that just makes it like easy and there is no challenge.
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