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  1. Hello again Adam, I am sorry if my answer seemed a little vague to you,I thought it quite explanitory,so to put it in simple terms both myself and my sons spend 8 hrs a day 5 days a week working like hell picking hair for the pro customers and charge a reflective price for our efforts, I am not complaining because we get a tremendus buzz knowing that nobody even comes close to our branded qualities of bow hair as 99% of all our custmers around the world will testify,which is quite nice. As you know very well,just to be able to buy a stick of hair from china,put it into a carton, send it to the cutomer and make about $100 profit at least for doing bugger all so i think we deserve some of the action, it stops the bordom stepping in. We could if needs be post at least 20 sticks in our 1 hour lunch break anyway,its so easy. I will have another look for the negs I think i still might have them. My best regards to you both. Michael T.
  2. Hi Adam, Thanks for your email about the introduction of our new grades of bow hair. We have been asked about supplying SEMI picked bow hair for some years from Europe and the R.O.W. so we came to the conclusion that to ignore that potential market much longer would be stupid. So, we made the decision that it was time to offer the different types of hair that everybody else was selling,its not everybody who can afford the Sowden range of best quality bow hair and it certainly would not be economical to use best quality in say school bows,and after all we are the only company that has 44 years experience in horse hair to monitor all the different grades correctly,other suppliers claim they can but they are false claims. As there are many companies out there also selling similar cheaper qualities so we thought wy not give them a run for their money, it would not make buisiness sense not cover all areas of the market. I sent the photos to Kyungmi a long time ago,i hope they have not been lost in the post. My best regards to you and Kyungmi. Michael.
  3. It has been sometime since i was on maestronet this has been for a number of reasons. busy with orders as usual and it takes me most of the day to type up the answers to your questions. As im not 100% good on the computer and then i read what i have put and say. "No i have missed something out" then i delete everything and start again(time to go on a computer cores i think) Yes i do go into great details and must explain all about the hair as this is most important to me and i do go and on a little. The other thing is the new products on the web site www.sowden.co.uk we have introduced some more hair that is of different quality than our Blue string brand hair. This has taken quite some time to source and now we supply hair from 1* 2* 3* 4* and our usual best quality bow hair(see web site for more info). If you need to ask questions please feel free to ask them i will answer them might not be on the same day. Thank you Michael T Sowden
  4. Hello. Thank you for your recommendation in Sowdens bow hair. Well about 80% of our customers take our blue string brand bow hair.This hair as with all our hair is selected by taking out the bad hairs. Thank you. Michael Sowden PS if you do require a sample please drop me an e mail ?
  5. Our thoughts go out to all in and around the NY area. We hope that you are all ok. Take care and we are thinking about all of you. Michael Sowden
  6. The amount of hair in a bow is 5.5gms there is about 155 hairs in 1 single hank
  7. is they anybody who is going to attend the vsa in the USA as im going to be there for 1 week and would like to see some of you. the dates are as shown....www.sowden.co.uk 2000 VSA Competition and Convention Cincinnati, Ohio area November 13-19, 2000
  8. yes but please bear in mind not only do you need a good bow re hairer but you need good bow hair. re BERG BOWS THE SAYING GOES A BERG BOW IS ALLWAYS IN THE BEST HANDS. He uses our hair. Mark Sowden www.sowden.co.uk
  9. how about the violin case from Michael T Sowdens www.sowden.co.uk
  10. Good morning. First of all may i tell you about a fax that i got about 2 months ago. One of our customers asked that out side was -4 and inside he had his central heating on and it was very hard to work with the hair as you said in your question so we told him about one of our products called red string brand bow hair. This may help you next time, this hair has been specially prepared to permanently realign and straighten the chain molecules inside the hair,REDUCING the natural tendency to OVER STRETCH under tension therefore minimising the slackening off effect in the bow whitch occurs in humid condisions. hope this has helped you thank you Mark Sowden www.sowden.co.uk
  11. Dear Claire thank you for the topic that you posted about a good day out.. And the topic about the Marster craftman.. We like the comments that has been posted some good and some bad? Thank you for the visit and if your in the area again please drop in. Mark Sowden
  12. Dear George thank you very much for your kind remarks about our case,it is very nice when someone can tell a good case by the picture the case looks even better in real life... Might send one over to our agent in the USA then you can have a look at it for yourself.. Thank you again Mark Sowden
  13. Re coloured bow hair... First of all you must first bleach the hair to get the same colour the same. As we all know that bleach does the bow hair no good at all this weakens the hair by at least 80%. Then you can get a dye and let it soak for about 2 hours then let it dry. this is how you get the coloured bow hair.. hope this helps Michael Sowden
  14. Dear friend we have just what you are looking for, we are well known all over the world for supplying the very best bow hair, and we would like to tell you that we have been desining on our premisis our new violin case,this case has gone on very high test to meet the very highest standards that any one can make if you would like me to send some detailes to you please get in touch thank you Mark Sowden www.sowden.co.uk
  15. morning all just like to say if they is anybody coming to yorkshire(leeds)please come and see, where your bow hair comes from. all the best Michael sowden
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