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  1. How about this one? Ages ago, I posted about some awful wolf-tones which emerged high on the violin when I changed to Tonica strings. I later discovered by accident that this was not a problem if the little rubber mute was removed from near the tail-piece. Weird!!
  2. If you still want another suggestion, how about Sospiri by Edward Elgar? Or for that matter his Violin Sonata?
  3. By the way, I'm back now but I'm kind of out of the habit of practising so I'll have to be strict with myself for the next few weeks. I'm also out of the habit of spending time on the Fingerboard but that's probably no bad thing with going back to work next week.
  4. Mi avrei portato il mio violino ma ho avuto troppi bagagli! (I've been studying the conditional tense - I hope it was correct!?) The main reason I was missing my violin so badly was that I could hear summer students from the Accademia Chigiana Musicale practising every day. My language lessons and homework are actually taking up a lot of time now so I'm not so depressed anymore (well, I am depressed that my Italian vocab.'s so bad but that's another story!) Shopping and looking at wonderful Renaissance art does help, and I'm sure that as soon as the Palio gets under way, I won't have enough time to even think about my violin.
  5. I'm afraid I can't afford to buy another violin (and even if I did, I would still have the same problem at the airport on the way home.) Loren: The bow that went with the cheapie violin was so bad I couldn't even get any rosin on it. DM: Thanks for the advice! I have a pencil at least!! Actually, the shop where I tried the violin had a really good stock of music so I bought Dont's etudes for a bit of mental practice now and to get stuck into properly when I return home.
  6. I'm in Italy for a month and I had too much hand luggage to risk trying to take my violin on board but how I wish I'd left everything else at home! I've tried hiring a violin but the only possibility was a really cheap one which sounded disgusting! Just some advice to you all - if in doubt take your instrument with you on vacation!
  7. I did a fair bit until the weekend and then I had to start running around like a headless chicken to get ready for travelling to Italy (I'm in Siena now!) but I got Kreutzer 15 a LOT faster and rhythmically even too although I'm not sure I put enough turns in my trills. Scales (octaves,etc.) were a bit painful (literally - to ears and little finger.)
  8. Unfortunately not as I'm off to Italy for a month on Monday. You seem to spend a lot of time in London, Jane! I'm envious (well, not of all the traffic and bustle and expense but of the concerts you get to.) Anyway, I've been following the Proms on TV and radio. Did you see Evgeny Kissin on the First Night? He plonked the big bouquet of flowers (the type that has water in the bottom) sideways on the floor for a couple of encores and I had visions of pools of water flooding out, having had personal experience of this!
  9. Somebody mentioned waiting until you're secure in third position. One reason why this is important is because in my experience it's easier to start vibrato in third position.
  10. I was once playing Henry Wood's British Sea Songs (non-British folk might not know this as it's only ever played in the Last Night of the Proms or similar event.) The clarinettist, in the middle of his solo, broke out into the opening wail of Rhapsody in Blue to everybody's delight. I've also seen a baton fly across the stage, and two violinists totally miss their entry in Ravel's Bolero (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.)
  11. Apart from orchestra, I don't perform so I don't have a particularly exciting vision of where I'll be in 5/10 years. I would be delighted if I could pick out any piece from my collection and play it accurately and in time. It's a bit of a tall order as I tend to buy music I like rather than music I know I'll be able to play!
  12. Actually, the first orchestra tutti in the F major Romance doesn't have the turn. As I've got older, I've developed much more simple tastes. I find a pure, vibratoless sound very appealing at times (though it helps having a half decent violin!) I used to assume that once you had a good vibrato, you used it for everything except scales. In fact, I would have been embarassed to play a piece without, thinking that was just for those who hadn't mastered it yet. Now I find playing the violin much more interesting trying out different colours. However, it amazes me that some professional musicians have blanket vibratos. Jose Carreras is one who really annoys me with his overblown style.
  13. How long have you been trying vibrato for? I can't remember just how long it took me but it certainly took a good while. In fact, I seemed to be making no headway for a long time - I had the most horrible action - but then all of a sudden I could do it. BTW there have been a few posts on vibrato, and if you do a search they might give you a few tips. Don't give up!
  14. I managed 2 hours and 45 minutes and got somewhere with my trills. My scales and arpeggios were a bit mixed though.
  15. Just seen Berlioz' Grande Messe des Morts on BBC and found tears streaming down my face at the first mass entry of timps.
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