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  1. A brae is another name for "hill"
  2. Have a great time, and a safe trip! Hope you hear some great tunes.
  3. Good for you, Bonsai! Sounds like a blast.
  4. I have only heard Charles Mingus. But not his free jazz stuff. The tunes I heard by him were the structured chord progressions with soloists following that progression. Years ago, I listened to a lot of jazz, went to clubs to hear performers, but I lost my interest. Now and again I'll put in a CD of jazz-but somehow it doesnt grab me like it used to. However- I think Dave Brubeck is great!
  5. I have played free form jazz a few times. I used to play the bass. I even own a John Coltrane CD. However much fun it may be to play, when I step back & listen to it, it sounds like muddled garbage. This is just my opinion. I never made much sense to my ears. I was playing my bass to someone else who didnt care what key I was in, and someone else who didnt care what key he was in! A bunch of kids could do the same thing with minimal knowledge of their instrument. I also think that "creating" something is cool, but you have to know that everything you create isnt "great". To some people this music is great, just not to me.
  6. Toc- good work fiddling! I heard someone Woo-hoo in the middle of your clip. That's how I felt too. Woo-hoo!
  7. Bach cello suites & Itzhak Perlman's "a la carte" cd
  8. Thank you both for the information. Gamina, I can understand why you love it. When I heard it, it was beautiful. Thats why I wanted another listen.
  9. I was driving home from work tonight & heard an interesting song on the radio. Just wondering if anyone had any information about it, so I could get another listen. The announcer said it was a french name that translated to "sad song-happy song". It was played by someone named Jasper Wood. It was the 3rd part in a 5-6? part work by some french composer who had a female name. If anyone who knows this work, please let me know--Thanks
  10. Hi Yankee, I have the tunefinder's version of this song. I agree its not easy, and it seems to me that Celtic Fiddle Fest has a different & better version. If I was MADE to study this tune, I think I would go about it this way: Memorize the patterns and don't read the music. It keeps repeating anyway, and once its memorized, you wont have to read the jibberish of all the accidentals. Maybe Simon can give you some helpful advice. Remember that one time he posted his MP3 of Chief o'Neills favorite? That sounded an awful lot like Kevin Burke! If he can play that tune, maybe he's got some wisdom to share about "Harmonium", and making it sound like Kevin Burke. Good luck on studying this tune. Why do you have to learn it?
  11. That song is GREAT!!!! I may not play it myself, as I only have a crummy version of it, but Celtic Fiddle Fest does this song. It is one of my favorites on that CD. Yankee, do you have this CD? If you hear it done by them, it may change your mind.
  12. Hey Dunvegan, I was just curious if you ever got these cd's & how you liked them. FYI- they have a NEW CD coming out in mid-October!!!!! I cant wait to hear it. It is supposed to have a cello in it too.
  13. Hi Caleb, The Celtic Fiddle Fest is made up of 3 guys: Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham & Christian Lemaitre. They call themselves the Celtic Fiddle Fest. It isn't a compilation of a whole bunch of artists. I've seen these guys in concert & I think it was the most inspiring concert I've ever been to. It was simply the best-the awesomist!! I hope they come out with another CD soon. So far they have 2 CD's. By the way "Dark Island" is played on one of them! I think you and Yankee like this song? Did you listen to any of the samples on the website?
  14. Dunvegan, Try the green linnet site: http://www.greenlinnet.com/catalog/detail.cfm?ProductID=108 You can listen to the whole cd and order it there [This message has been edited by Callie (edited 08-22-2001).]
  15. Thanks Simon for that link! I have loved the song Canyon Moonrise for a long time now, and am so happy to have the music. It is my husband's favorite! Dunvegan- do yourself a favor and buy the celtic fiddle fest cd's!!! I listen to them all the time- it doesnt get old!!!
  16. Way to go Yankee!!! A female version of Simon is a way-cool compliment!!! I would like to hear you play one day too.
  17. Hi Caleb (and everybody), If you want an awesome recording of Dark Isle try to get the CD "Encore" by the Celtic Fiddle Festival. Johnny Cunningham plays it so sweet you could cry a river!!! I am listening to it right now & I'm getting the fever. It's time to take out my fiddle again!!!! It is a great CD, and if you listen hard you will hear Johnny say to the audience(it's a live cd), "we don't normally do requests unless we're asked" hahahahah George, only 3 weeks till I leave for Cape Breton & St. Anne's!! Thanks again for all the great info you posted on Cape Breton. You are so lucky to have had a lesson with Natalie!!! I can't wait to see Buddy there, he's supposed to be teaching that week. Oh boy, I better go practice my cuts!!
  18. Hi Polecat! I love Old Blind Dogs too! Definitely a jackpot! The singer's voice is what gets me-so mellow and beautiful. I also have 5 of their cd's and they're all great.
  19. Hey Yankee Fiddler, I'm glad to see you've tried "Delnabo" !!!! It is my all time favorite strathspey to play.
  20. I looked at this case in the Shar store personally. It seemed like a decent case, nothing special. What I remember most about it was that the felt-like material inside wasnt very nice or pleasing to look at. I ended up getting a Mustang case instead. Looks better inside.
  21. Welcome to Maestronet Marco!
  22. I am working on the Wohlfahrt 60 studies right now. I also work on some Suzuki. I totally prefer the Wohlfahrt. I have had 2 other teachers in the past, and the teacher I have now is so much better. She has improved everything for me. My posture is much better, my bowing is longer, and more controlled, my tone is WAY better, and in my brain it is all "clicking". I am so glad she said to play from Wohlfart. I think they are very melodic & beautiful sounding. I think they are easy enough for me to play through without getting discouraged & tricky enough for me to keep trying & practicing them. They are not boring at all to me. I used to play Wohlfart #2 and think how horrible I sounded (and used to blame it on the music) but my new teacher has taught me so well, that I love #2. As a beginner, my first teacher started me off with Suzuki, and I found it so hard to make the songs sound decent. It was always painful to hear myself- I wanted to be better than how I sounded. With my new teacher she started me off with open strings & long bows- even though I already knew first position. We are going through Wolfarht slowly but surely. When I work on the Suzuki with my new teacher, she explains how to get the sound out of the violin that is correct. I think with a good teacher you can learn how to play violin well using all different methods, but the hard part is finding the right teacher. I am a long way off from doing Kreutzer, but when I get there I hope I will learn it as thoroghly as I am now learning Wohlfahrt.
  23. Wow! Thanks for all the information you both gave. It will be very useful to me! Jojomo, your post wasnt too long at all! I could read about Cape Breton for hours. Thanks for the driving tips, I will make sure to follow the signs to Baddeck- that's where I'm going. I managed to get an extra day off work, so my drive just got a bit more leisurely. I will be able to spend time looking at the scenery. My whole vacation will be a little over a week, and I will be in Cape Breton 5 full days. I guess you're right about being totally immersed in fiddle, I think I'll go hiking & whale watching & maybe relax and hang out. I cant wait to hear from you again about Cape Breton. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. George, I will definitely be sure to see Carl MacKenzie- He is one of the teachers at St. Anne's the week I am going!! Buddy MacMaster is supposed to be there too.
  24. Hi Yankee, I have that PEI book too! It is so awesome, I play from it all the time. My favorites in that book are: Mom's Jig (especially with the doublestops) Johnny Joe Lem's Jig A San Malo a Bord de Mer Southern Waltz, Aunt hilda's Waltz, Four Marys Hector the Hero By the way, If you haven't tried "Delnabo" yet, do so as soon as possible! I love that one. Right now I am working on Kevin Burke's second video- I think that you recommended this in one of your other posts? Anyway, I love the way Kevin Burke plays, and the songs in particular that I want to learn now are: Man from Bundoran Miller of Droghan Connie O'Connell's What fiddlin song's are you up to lately?
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