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  1. Thanks for the response, fiddlecollector! Yes, there are an awful lot of Dearloves, and many musicians among them. I hadn't seen that article on the miniature violin before - I have a bit of a thing for tiny violins so would love to see that! I did see a full-size violin by Mark Dearlove in a museum in Leeds some years ago, which is probably what piqued my interest when I saw the surname in my violin. There are certainly (at least) two Walter Georges: one born in 1852, and one in 1882. The latter was also born in Leeds, so I assume that the family must have moved to Glasgow soon afterwards. I can't find any record of any violins made by Walter the elder, though.
  2. I've recently acquired a violin bearing a repair label from W G Dearlove. The label gives his address as New City Road, Glasgow, in the 1880s - a bit of searching of the postal directories of the time corroborates this. Further research suggests he emigrated to Australia in 1890 with his family. I believe he was the son of Mark William Dearlove, and grandson of Mark, both makers in Leeds (where Walter was born in 1852). However, I can find no record of any of Walter's violins anywhere online, nor any mention of him in the books I've looked at (admittedly, not a huge number). So - this is a very long shot, but I'm wondering whether anyone has come across any work by this member of the Dearlove family? Asking for no good reason other than idle curiosity.
  3. I have a big violin (365mm) - it doesn't fit into some cases (particularly those with very "fitted" cutouts for the instrument body), but sits nicely in my Gewa Maestro shaped case. I had to try a few out before buying.
  4. It's one of the instruments in the violin octet, developed in the 20th century, and is tuned an octave higher than a standard violin. More information: http://www.newviolinfamily.org/
  5. The string cleaner mentioned in the article is not the same as string oil - Pirastro makes 2 separate products, string oil and string cleaner. The string oil is for use on gut, and the string cleaner is for general string (and fingerboard) cleaning. I use it on my Obligatos and it works fine (I only use it occasionally, as I try to wipe the rosin dust off with a cloth every time I put the violin away).
  6. I have a Gliga Gama 2 viola, which I bought from Elida about 6 months ago. Though I haven't played one of the violins, if they are anything like the violas I think they are excellent value for money. I tried out violas in a wide price range in my search, and the Gama compares well to anything I've played in the £2000 range IMHO.
  7. I got the same message earlier, now the page just doesn't load at all..."page cannot be displayed".
  8. Hmm, all this downtime should really mean I do some practice... As to where everyone is - I'm sure there are lots of Fiddle Forumers who don't know about this board or String Asylum. They're probably all practising.
  9. The redirect has now gone, looks like the forum will be back with us very soon!
  10. I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms too...meanwhile, I'll add to the ranks of fiddle forumless people here.
  11. Quote: -- The Value Added Tax (VAT, Mehrwertsteuer in German) (Here I invite other posters' correction, because I may have this wrong.) The VAT is a sizable sales tax of about 15% as I remember it --I hope I'm remembering it wrong and it's a lot lower than that. By buying in Europe, you'd pay the VAT. If you bought the same item in America from an importer, you wouldn't pay the VAT. Thus you may actually pay more for the same item in Europe than you would if you bought it in the US. VAT is currently 17.5% in Europe.
  12. Looking at US versus UK prices, I doubt that you will find things are cheaper here - usually the opposite. The dollar is still pretty weak against the pound. Sometimes I buy from the US, and even with import duties and shipping it often works out cheaper than buying from the UK. Can't speak for Eastern Europe, though - I gather things are cheaper there, but whether they are any cheaper than the US I don't know.
  13. I only took clarinet exams, and then only the lower grades - never took violin exams. But they have a complaints procedure which it may be worth trying if you are very unhappy with the result: http://www.abrsm.org/?page=exams/regs/ukIr...kIre_03_15.html
  14. Ah...it's working for me now. The domain name obviously does exist then... Thanks for the notification.
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