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  1. Thank you, Daniel, for your prompt reply and good information. I do not intend to refinish the wood but will have strings, etc. replaced by someone who has done work on my other instruments. I'm intrigued by vintage instruments and though I know nothing about their values, or how to determine the good from the bad, I like to buy those that I can afford when I come across them at local auctions and estate sales. I just started to browse thru the web this morning and came across this message board. I've learned so much from this website already!

    Again, thanks.- Lois (Lo111@aol.com)

  2. I just bought a violin stamped "Klotz" on back and has label inside "Josef Klotz in Mittenwalde anno 1795" It, indeed, appears to be quite old but in need of some parts, though the body is in good shape. The back appears to be made of two pieces and I am wondering if that is a good indication of a lesser quality instrument. While trying to learn something about it, I find that there are many copies, etc. and that some are almost worthless so I am wondering if it will be worth refurbishing for resale. Any comments are welcome.

    Lois (Lo111)

  3. : : I have a Joseph Klotz copy dated 1790. Its in beautiful

    : : condition, I am playing now. Do you have any idea what a

    : : retail value for this type of violin may be.

    : : Thanks

    : : Kristine Murray

    : :

    : kristine,

    : if you could give us a detailed description, we could probably give you a vague idea of the range it falls in. without actually seeing it though, it would be hard to tell. klotz copies were made for many years, and they came in all price ranges. most that i have seen however have been copies of mathias or sebatian klotz. were you told that it is a copy by a dealer? did they have any idea about its' worth? some of these copies sold for as little as $3 or$4, others were close to proffesional quality. a cheap one in good shape could be worth $300 in a store ($10-50 flea market), and possibly up to $2,000. another thing to keep in mind is that many labels were placed in the instrument long after it was made-who is to say (without seeing it) that you don't have something really nice? all the more reason to take it to a dealer for their expert opinion.

    : sincerely,

    : mike

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