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  1. It was a pleasant surprise to see a response to my posting, so quickly. Thank you very much for the information. I will follow up on the Seattle contact. Moennig's is an excellent shop which I have visited numerous times in the early 70's, having made some purchases from them with great satisfaction. At that time they did not examine the violin, it just wasn't a priority then, being 30 yrs younger!
  2. I have a P.K. violin, so it is "branded" inside. That is all the label there is. I have owned it since around 1968 and have never known if it was made directly by Paul Knorr himself or possibly by a student under his guidance. After playing it once, I instantly became attached to its responsiveness, although its tone is just a little brassy. Any information about P.K. beyond the existing archived messages would be greatly appreciated. Also, any general information regarding how to verify my instrument's maker, shedding the doubt as to being a "student maker's model" would be appreciated. For