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  1. [This message has been edited by Country Fiddler (edited 10-21-2000).]
  2. Tomorrow, I'm on my way to purchase a violin to learn how to play. I'm not so much into Orchestral or Classical music. Rather, I love bluegrass and country music fiddlin' Now... Realistically...how long am I looking at lesson-wise before I could expect to comfortably play "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"..."Orange Blossom Special"..."Rocky Top"...and other such similar tunes??? Also, is it possible to be self-taught from books...or is nearly impossible to ever become very accomplished WITHOUT taking lessons? How difficult is it to learn how to play the violin? I've heard it's one of the most difficult instruments to play. True? What is MOST I should pay starting out for a "starter" violin/case/bow set? [This message has been edited by Country Fiddler (edited 10-21-2000).] [This message has been edited by Country Fiddler (edited 10-21-2000).]
  3. ....there are several brands of coffee on the market that taste great.....BUT DON'T HAVE ALL THE CAFFEINE!!!
  4. : I have found the comments about this eBay violin to be quite amusing. The armchair "experts" who have stated countless times in the past that it was not possible to authenticate instruments with poor quality digital photos, have now all identified this violin as a phony.... with the use of poor quality digital pictures!?!?! If in fact the buyer also lived in Florida, isn't it possible that he/she visited the person to see the instrument, and liked what they saw? If a person is willing to shell out $12000 for an eBay violin, lets give him/her the benefit of the doubt, don't you think? And by the way, a great number of the "experts" who comment on this board actually sell on eBay....under different names. : Of course, and as always, my favorite comment came from the silver tongued Michael Darnton, with the classic.... 'I know of only 3 or 4 people who could make such an identification'. It would be interesting for you to reply on the board with the names of these people, but I don't think that you would dare. May I be so bold as to remind you, Michael, that Mr. Bein, Mr. Fushi and "Mr. Darnton?" are not the only instrument "experts" in the world. I never cease to be amazed as to how many people you can offend with such a small amount of words. I wish that you could step down off of your ivory tower for a moment and actually listen to what you say. Might I suggest that you read the book "How to win friends and influence people". : > : >Patty
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