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  2. : I have heard that violins made by amature or retired makers : with the same quality are cheaper that the ones made by the : full time professional makers. I want to know about information : on such makers who are reputed as being good. elderly gentleman luthier named Frank Marincek makes very good instruments (I believe several members of the Cleveland Orchestra own his violins).
  3. Jeffrey, Thanks very much for your very courteous reply. Here's an example of what puzzles me: Skinner's Nov. 8 sale had a violin with documentation indicating it was a Stradivari but which department director Kerry Keane thought had attributes indicating it was made by his son Francesco. It was described as "one of the finest-sounding instruments in the sale" but was only estimated at $12k-$14k! For a Son of Strad?!? (It sold for $23k).
  4. Jeffrey, Please help me understand something. My interest in violins is only a few months old, but I've been reading everything I can and have bought a few violins and am having them brought up to snuff. I'm puzzled a little by the pricing I see. It seems to me that the price of a violin is only minimally related to it's sound quality. This was verified for me by the fine instrument appraiser at a major auction house, who actually said the auction price has NOTHING to do with the sound quality of a violin. I can understand the collectibility of rare instruments in fine condition,
  5. Synthetic "steel wool" isn't ferrous and doesn't flake nearly as much. Check at a woodworker supply store. : Glad to hear that we'll have one more sober violin on the board! ;-) Sorry to hear about your friend.... : To answer your question about cleaning; If regular wiping and using less rosin doesn't quite stretch the need for a cleaning long enough for your yearly check up at the luthier's, there is a relatively safe method to employ. The careful use of a very small piece (about the size of a quarter) of #0000 (that 4 of those zeros!) steel wool on the trouble spot will remove plent
  6. I think we may safely assume that George Bush would not have hosted nude swimming parties in the White House while piously attending church on Sundays, nor would he have consorted with Mafiosi (probably leading to the murder of JFK girlfriend Marilyn Monroe), nor would he have bought thousands of premium Cuban cigars 3 days before making them off limits for the rest of us. Of course, daddy Joe made a fortune importing liquor during prohibition, and we know "The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children, even to the third and fourth generations." All are entitled to enjoy the musi
  7. Could anyone give me his/her impressions of Kucharski's violins? I believe he started in the 1920's.