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  1. A friend of mine is looking for a good violin teacher who lives in the Oshawa/Ajax/Pickering/Whitby area in Ontario, Canada. If any of you out there knows anyone in the neighbourhood, please contact me. Thanks.
  2. I never realized on 9/4 when I sheepishly asked the world about using tapes on my fingerboard that I would elicit such an overwhelming response! Thank you all for your insight. I am 29 years old, and as of last night- I use tapes. I now can play a scale and a actual song! I will do my best for violinkind to wean off of them as my hearing becomes more acute. At least now the dog will stay in the room when I play instead of heading for the nearest closet. And yes, I voted for Clinton. (Sorry.)
  3. As a new student of the violin, do any of you advocate the use of tapes as a means to learn the correct location of the notes on the fingerboard? My teacher has left this up to me.. I'm thinking it would be help but am concerned I may rely to heavily on them and not learn correctly. What's your take?
  4. your not the only one looking for this piece, so if you have managed to locate it, it would be much appreciated if you sent me a copy of the sheet music to fur elise. i have spent over 3 hours looking for a site that did not require a purchase, and i came out with squat. yours sincerely jo
  5. : I have an old violin that I would like to know some information about if anyone could help. : On the label inside it says: : Model : Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis : Faciebat Anno 1736 : : I'm not really expecting it to be worth a lot of money or anything but I would just like to know : about how old it is and where it was made. This violin has been in my family for more than 100 years. : thanks in advance for any info you might have. Jo
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