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  1. Most anything by Martin Hayes. Reasonably simple, yet tasteful. It's fairly easy to learn the tunes, but of course much more difficult to develop the feel.
  2. Welcome ! I'm also an adult beginner who, after two or so years of playing, still feel like I'm just beginning almost every time I pick the violin up.
  3. Candace is right. Last year, while in Limerick, Ireland, I asked several people how the basketball team came to be called the Boston "sell-ticks". They all just laughed, as if to say, "silly Americans". It's "kelltick".
  4. As irritating as the argument about them has become, I'm thankful to live in a country where chads matter. I appreciate this forum where varying opinions on common interests are welcome, and I'm glad wiser men of a by gone era knew that I'd want to be off the third Thursday of every November.
  5. Surely some public school teachers wouldn't push their students to one local instrument dealer over another because "the right one" pays a kick-back ... or would they ? Heard of this in your area ?
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