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  1. I think I've tried every model from every manufacturer; certainly all that are available in the USA. I think there is a subtle improvement in acoustics; very easy to clamp on violin without damage; and very comfortable. I own several; have a pile of other brands, including Wolf, my second choice, that I never use. They are heavy, but I find that I don't notice the weight unless I'm holding the violin in my hands rather than playing. I have purchased from Johnson Strings, I think. They seem to be readily available by mail order from several suppliers. Let us know what you think if you try one.
  2. I was fortunate to take a week long class with Rayna last summer at Mars Hill College. She's an amazing fiddler and teacher. Ways of the World CD is a real inspiration and she fortunately gives the fiddle and banjo tuning for each tune. I've been playing along on some of the aeae tunes; really changes the fiddle's resonance.
  3. Thanks for the link to the ER plugs and article. Are you still able to hear the overtones of the strings? I would think that they would be filtered out with the db reduction.
  4. I have all of the above on several instruments. The boxwood Bois d'Harmonie is very nice looking and well made. However, the range of adjustment seems very small compared to the others. Good luck with your new instrument.
  5. I would also love to hear some sound numbers; I have high frequency hearing loss and cannot hear the overtones of my violin unless I wear hearing aides in both ears. This definitely increases the perceived volume as well. The Feb. 07 issue of Fine Woodworking lists a shop vac at about 85 db; table saw at about 93 and circular saw at about 102. When I use those tools I definite use hearing protectors. My violin sure doesn't sound that loud! I'll ask my audiologist if she has any information on Wednesday. Thanks for the topic.
  6. Hi, Brad; It is the Kaplan Solutions KS311W. I have the medium tension; aluminum wound. I have not tried it yet. I plan to put it on the Ira White today or tomorrow; not because the Evah on it whistles; but because I would like to hear a different sound from the E. Hope this helps. Thanks. Bink
  7. I really like the Toussaud Lee instruments. I gave my daughter one of his violins last year. Retail on this Cello currently is $4700. Dealer price is about half that amount. Let us know how you like it. Bink
  8. No long in stock at Abe's Books. I hope someone else has a stash somewhere for sale. I got to have a copy for three weeks through inter-library loan with my public library. Free! Is anyone else considering an update or expansion?
  9. Outstanding! Another good resource for this type music, although not specifically for the violin is www.djangobooks.com. I did order a Schertler pickup from them and was pleased with the service.
  10. Thanks for the clip, tonewood. I was at a workshop recently with Matt Glasser and Andy Stein and fell in love with what those guys could do with a fiddle. Needless to say Stephane's spirit lives on in the music of these young devotees. Do you know where to get some more of the clips?
  11. After receiving a misrepresented, damaged fiddle and after trying several times very nicely to reach an agreement with the seller; I left a very mildly negative feedback; only stating that the item had disclosed damage. The seller e-mailed me threatening me with a negetive feedback unless I withdrew my comment. I did not, since I wanted anyone considering buying from her to know the truth. Sure enough; I have an histerical ALL CAPITAL LETTERS feedback. So, being honest, paying on time doesn't count for much. It bothers me, but I know I was honest and did all I could to resolve the situation. Definitely cooled me off a bit on ebay. Thanks for the post.
  12. I've used the BAM backpacker for several years with great success. No problems on planes; great thermal insulation; comfortable to wear backpack style; comes with rain hood. I would highly recommend it. I also like the Negri cases and have several; but not for travel. www.fineviolincases.com is one of the websites that has them available along with most of the major online retailers.
  13. I've tried the Amazing Slow Downer and found that it only works for me on solo tracks; not trying to figure out the fiddle part of a duet with banjo or string band for example. Bink
  14. I've tried the Amazing Slow Downer and found that it only works for me on solo tracks; not trying to figure out the fiddle part of a duet with banjo or string band for example. Bink
  15. I've gotten a number of items from them in the last two years; primarily dealing by phone with Kim. I've found them to be very reliable, although sometimes slow. I really like the Negri cases that they stock and have found the Chinese pernambuco bows to be a real value. Just keep calling and give as much specific detail as you can about the items that you need. Bink
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