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  1. I have the opportunity to but a Charles Adolph Gand (original) violin. Would $40.000.00 US be a fair price? Could I resell it at a proffit? Thank you: Herbert Anderson
  2. I recently heard of the existence of an old Italian violin that is suppopsed to be haunted by a spirit of former times. This instrument is said to have the mysterious ability of inspiring the player to invent unknown tunes, play with virtuosity, etc. This instrument is supposed to have actually even played itself. Violin music is said to be heard in the room at night where the violin is stored. Has any one else heard this story? Is it possible that this story could be true? The violin is apparently owned by an odd old man in my area. I am planning to meet with him and find out more.
  3. I have a student that needs a violin. Would you consider selling your Gemunder?
  4. Is there a network of violin collectors worldwide? The net is an excellent way to do it. Problem is, most of the "old timers" are computer illiterate. Please add your opinion and knowledge.
  5. Does overcoating of varnish also devalue an instrumen? It seems that many "big" shops routinely do this.
  6. Is it true that pre 1780 violins had short necks? Did A. Stradivari ever make a violin with a modern-day neck length?
  7. I own a Pedrinelli violin. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to see yours. Could you send me pictures, copies of certs etc? E-mail me if you would like to get together on this and compare instruments. I may also want to purchase one or both of the bows if you would consider it.
  8. Dave: I am not complaining, because I realize a big shop must earn in excess of $1000.00/day just to meet expenses. I am glad the big dealers prices are high. Being a collector, this makes my bottom line most attractive! E mail me if you are curious about my collection. Mabey we can work together. Thanks for the responsed!
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