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  1. : ...can somebody tell me why my sentences are all broken up ??!! This looks rediculous !! : Thanks, Mickey To take a guess, if you just keep on typing your sentences without pressing "Enter", then the system wraps the sentence around automatically ( like this sentence ) On the other hand, whenever "enter" is pressed ( like after each of the previous words, the text jumps to a new line Does that answer your question or have I got the question all wrong ? dimitri
  2. Whenever I browse messages on this esteemed board I can't help noticing that there's always plenty of derogatory comments about Ebay. "Junk" instruments, references to "horror" stories.... It's like a kiddie scary myth.. eat your food or I'll sell you at Ebay !! As a NeoBayista ( having bid, payed but not yet received a cello) I'm starting to notice a slight sinking feeling.. Is it warranted ? Has anyone had bad experiences with instruments not being what they were advertised to be ? bad packing ? But, Hey..is there anywhere else where one can get a $600 cello ? ( I know.. I shouldn't be looking for a $600 cello, or a $2000 jet airplane or a $23.99 heart transplant for that matter...! but I've developed this insatiable lust for cello without the capital to back it) thanks.. Dimitri
  3. : What kind of violin strings are good? I am currently using Eudoxa A, D, & G and the Olive E. I find that the Olive E has an annoying whistle to it and that the gut core strings don't respond very well. My violin has a very shallow tone and so the necessity for a string with rich tone is a must. Any suggestions? I use Corelli 'Alliance' strings on my Italian violin. They seem to have a very rich sound, they're long lasting being that they're made from graphite composite. Their only minor defect is that sometimes the 'A' will come unwound at about the C# level in the first position. I have contacted the maker in France and they assured me they are looking to ways to remedy this minor thing. Otherwise I do recommend them to all my colleagues, they're worth a try. One can find them at Southwest Strings, at about $52.00 a set (remember, they'll hold a lot longer than a set of Dominants or any other perlon string, yet they have a very rich sound and seem soft enough to be able to respond right away, perhaps a bit softer than Dominants but with a richer and more powerful delivery).
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