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  1. Yes, anyone interested in posting a picture just send it to me with the text you want to accompany it. Lisa
  2. Now that the holiday company is gone it's time to get back to work here. I would be willing to set up a website for all of our pictures if there's enough interest. Lisa
  3. I'm not worried Don! Just get everyone well! It gives me more time to practice to get ready to do it justice! Lisa
  4. This may not qualify for this topic, but so far, my most memorable moment was when I could play a scale for the first time and each note sounded clear and perfect. Lisa
  5. I don't own a "great" violin, but I sure do enjoy playing it. And you know where I bought it? EBay! But I can tell you, I won't buy another one there. I don't think anyone is trashing the instruments, they are trashing the sellers, the ones that try to woo buyers with talk of sound and quality that isn't there. I have received quite an education from those posts. I scour every EBay ad that is mentioned and use it as a free education. There is so much to learn! I'm sure there are many good deals. But to make it appear someone is getting something they aren't is sad. If they said, look, this is a cheap instrument, it's not made that well, but it's pretty, you can play it for a while but will quickly outgrow it and want something better, but it will let you know if you are going to stick with it, I would dance around my computer in praise! It's one thing to get an inexpensive instruemnt and know it, it's another to get one and think you got a great deal and a great instrument. Lisa
  6. Not a virtuoso or even good, but I tried four different types and decided it felt more natural without one. I have never dropped my instrument. Lisa
  7. The sad thing about this, is that many people just starting out get such poor instruments that they may just give up on playing altogether. If I hadn't found this board I probably would have done so myself. Lisa
  8. I think that we will see more and more younger people interested. My son for example, a pop culture, electronic age product of self absorbtion loves to listen to my CD's. I only found this out by accident when I came in the house one day and he ran to the stero to turn it off. And to think I thought he was listening to Slim Shady again. His comment to me was that once in a while he and his frinds like to depart form the electronic sounds to a more "raw and virginal sound" (his words not mine). I knew somehow with him this went back to sex. Anyway, I now have four teenage boys that visit my home regularly to play violin, and listen to anything new I can get my hands on. Of course, they bring their guitars too, and find "interesting" ways to change the music, but it's a foot in the door that would have otherwise never been taken without encouragement. Also, am much as many of you didn't like the movie the Red Violin, it was the gypsy music and the passion in which the actors played that got my son interested in playing himself. Lisa
  9. I am half Mohegan Indian. Orenda means magical power to the Native Americans. I breed and show Ocicats, a domestic cat bred to look like a wild cat with large spots. This breed was developed here in the United States. Hence the name Orendacats. Lisa
  10. The older I get the more I realize those kinds of days encompass a large part of my life. What I have learned is this. At the end of the day, I sit and go over everything that happend. I laugh at myself for a bit for getting so upset, and I get up the next day I am ready to face the world again. Oh....I almost forgot, I eat a BIG bowl of chocolate ice cream too. Lisa
  11. quote: Originally posted by HuangKaiVun: NOBODY will get attacked. We collectively will see to that. Of course they won't, we will all have our swords with us. Lisa
  12. Female here, like you couldn't tell from the Not Made for a Violin thread. Lisa
  13. Just give me a date and I will plan my trip to Ct. around it. I am so excited about this, I doubt I will play, unless you all want to do something simple like Baa Baa Black Sheep in one of the ten variations I have taught myself to do it in. (joke) Lisa
  14. Also....You have never taught me anything, just shown me the light and given me the choice to follow it or fall on my face. Lisa
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