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  1. Thanks, Lymond, for the heads up. Do you know where I can purchase this magazine? The last time I checked Barnes and Noble, they didn't carry it. Thanks! I can't wait to read it.
  2. Bush "Glycerine" Creed "Arms Wide Open" Check out the new Lifehouse album "No Name Face"
  3. Summer has begun, and I find myself without a teacher for the next three months. My musical goals for the summer include learning some fiddling and some jazz violin/viola. Also, I want to get a good start on learning the Walton viola concerto. The problem is, I don't know where to start. I've never been without a teacher and made significant progress before. I have never faced an unmarked piece and tried to start all on my own. I have very little experience writing my own fingerings and bowings. What do I do? Write my own markings and hope that they are correct? (meaning that they make good musical sense to everyone and not just me.) I don't know the first thing about interpretation- or is it too early for me to work on that aspect of the piece? As you can probably tell, I don't have a clue. Thanks for any help/guidance you can provide.
  4. quote: Originally posted by Lymond: I don't believe that Primrose ever said that. Where are you getting this quote from? Dalton, David. "Playing the Viola: Conversations with William Primrose".pg. 13. New York; Oxford University Press. 1988. Lighten up people, it was a joke! Anyone who knows me knows that Zuckerman is one of my idols.
  5. Go to it is a site directed towards kids, but I think it provides some vital information regarding orchestras and all of the instruments involved. There is an adorable game where you get to help put a violin together according to the names of the parts. I'm not a kid and I thought it was great!
  6. That's amazing... I'm going to learn this piece over the summer too! I'm planning to use it for a concerto competition in December next year. I have a copy of Primrose's recording. It is on the Pearl label and alwso includes Vaughan Williams Flos Campi suite and some of Primrose's own arrangements. The bad thing about this CD is that it is dubbed off of a record, so the sound is kind of "plasticky". I have another recording of the Walton that I really like a lot. It is by Lars Anders Tomter, whose viola sound is really rich and dark. It's on the Naxos label and also has Walton's Symphony No. 2 and the Johannesburg Fest Overture. This is one of those CDs that you can get off of or for about $5. For that price, it is a very very good recording. As for Nigel Kennedy, I think this quote from Primrose sums it up: "Perhaps shoot all violinists who play viola publically"
  7. a fifth has an empty or hollow sound
  8. Emma Lily~ Thanks for that wonderful account of your experience! I felt like I was onstage, hearing the beautiful music. I'm glad it was such a magical event for you. Congradulations!
  9. I have a decision to make in the next few weeks. There is a program through my college that offers a trip to Europe for the entire month of January 2002 that I would love to participate in. We would be studying art and music in Paris, Prague, and Vienna. An amazing experience! However, I am planning on transferring to a different school after next year, possibly a conservatory, meaning that I would have to play conservatory auditions in February 2002. Do you think I would be able to return from Europe after an entire month away from my viola and be ready for auditions in a matter of weeks? (Unfortuately, bringing my viola along is not an option.) Any ideas?
  10. Zuckerman, Yuri Bashmet, and Paul Cortese
  11. Congradulations, Viola Girl! That's excellent! VIOLA POWER!!! Do you mind if I email you privately? I have a few questions for you. Thanks!
  12. Wow, congradulations on trying something new and wonderful! I would say a 16" viola sounds about right. I am 5'6" as well, and I play a 16". At first it felt too big compared to my violin, but I got used to it quickly. You can get a great sounding viola for that price. My advice: don't pick one out that sounds like a violin, and don't pick one that sounds like a cello. The viola has a unique sound and if you shop around enough you will be able to find one that doesn't have the crunched violin sound or the pipsqueak cello sound. And on viola, I think the bow is extremely important. A great viola bow on a good viola is better than a good bow on a great viola. Hey, good luck, have fun, and let us know how you're doing!
  13. roman~ I don't have any advice for you, but I gotta say, WOW! Congratulations! ~Julia
  14. Do whatever your heart tells you to do. We can all offer advice and experience, but only you know exactly what your heart is telling you. Don't allow yourself into being pushed into something you don't want; don't allow yourself to change your mindset to accomodate what other people want. Remember that no decision comes without a chance to reverse it. It's never too late in life to start over.
  15. How ironic, I was just thinking of this very topic this morning. However, I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum: I LOVE Brahms. I've always heard people say that they don't like Brahms, but never understood why. What exactly is it that turns you off to Brahms? I can tell you why I love Brahms: his music has a romantic yet German flare, always with an underlying passionate fire. My favorite works of his: Piano Concerto #2 (esp. 2nd movement), the violin concerto, the viola sonatas (originally for clarinet, but still amazing), string quartets (esp. #2) and I could go on and on and on... Why is it that people either love or hate Brahms? Is there something about his music that is so different from any other composer that it must be either loved or hated? An interesting topic!