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  1. Those pictures are awesome...I am going to listen to that man. altogirl
  2. Hi, everyone! I was just wondering--has anyone ever seen damage to a varnish from perfume or cologne on the neck? Or is the alcohol content too low/contact too minimal? thank you altogirl
  3. Just to level out the responses re: Perrin's..... I went there when I was an absolute know-nothing novice, without even understanding of the need to make an appointment, and Roger sat with me for an hour discussing my junker violin. He showed me where things were wrong, what was acceptable, what could be easily improved. He also found me a teacher. And ever since my first visit, every time I call, he remembers my name. Plus, the last time I visited, without my asking or even hinting, he handed me his newest arrival to play. just to add to the info, altogirl
  4. Don't play it regularly, but have played: "The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow" altogirl
  5. I haven't used any videos, but I do have Paul McNevin's book, which I think is pretty good. My complaint is that the CD tracks aren't listed in the book, but I like Paul's sound. If you can't get to a teacher, you should probably listen listen listen to the fiddlers you like and try to sound like them, and I'm sure some videos can't hurt. Do it all! It's not as if you won't enjoy the time spent. altogirl
  6. I just had to re-post....last night I played close to the bridge in the upper positions on G, and the sound was MUCH clearer. Big difference. Thanks to K5etc. and the other knowledgeable folks on this board who can point me to these simple answers! (and just FYI, I DO have a teacher, but she's a fiddler, so the whole upper positions thing I do on my own.)
  7. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and comments. So I can test some other strings, play close to the bridge, and, next checkup, ask my luthier what he thinks re: the bass bar. Samira, I think you're a classical player who probably has more need of the upper positions than I, so good luck with your G. If you discover anything, let me know, and I'll do the same. altogirl
  8. Thanks, K. I'll give this a try. altogirl
  9. Hi there. I've recently had restored a German fiddle, c. 1880, which I play with a Guasti (Brazilian made?) bow. I am really growing to like my fiddle's sound and feel, but I do have a few minor complaints. One is that in 4th position and up on the G string, the notes are incredibly muddy and unfocused. In the lower positions, the G sounds rich and full. I have Helicores on my vio. So I'm wondering--would the play-it-in trick help fix this problem? That is, if I play play play play on the G in the upper positions, do you think I could expect an improvement in sound? Anyone have firsthand experience with this? thx altogirl
  10. You might consider posting this on the Pegbox--though it doesn't really fit that forum's content matter--because Pegbox poster Andrew Victor plays both instruments and usually has good insight about playing. Just a thought. altogirl p.s. I rented a cello for three months once, and WOW was that fun. I am sure learning to play well is just as difficult on cello as vio, but the cello was a little more physically comfortable (for me, anyway).
  11. Bob, you raise an interesting issue--some learning tools, no matter how good they are, will become obsolete when your skill level surpasses them. That should be a happy thing! But regarding renewing your subscription, if you find you no longer read the magazine with pleasure, let it go--without guilt. You've supported the magazine for many years, and you gained from it. I'd call that a good epitaph for the relationship. On the other hand, if you still enjoy reading _Fiddler,_ why not keep getting it? While the how-tos might be beneath you now, you'll still learn about upcoming festivals, where to find some artists on CD, and who's up-and-coming among today's fiddlers. just my two cents, altogirl
  12. Wow. Thanks, fubbi. Now, am I going to get any work done today? I'm thinking no....
  13. _Fiddler_ is a good magazine. As someone up above said, it isn't dedicated to one style, so if you want something specialized, it might not be right for you, but Mary Holland does an excellent job of seeking out information on fiddling around the world. Plus she profiles makers, usually has a "practicing fiddler" section (that you might be past if you can read music), and gives info on workshops and festivals. I don't know if _Fiddler_ is a necessity to my growth as a player, but I've always enjoyed reading it. But what's this Dirty Linen business? have to check that out. altogirl
  14. doo doo do-doo doo doo do-doo Mike, any chance you could post a clip of that tune? I have only a written version, and I'm not entirely sure I understand how the dotted rhythm part goes. You engage in conversation with me, and immediately I'm demanding! dang altogirl.
  15. It's funny--today is the first time I ever saw The Boy's Lament for His Dragon, and then you mention in your set list. I bet now I'll hear this tune name three times this week. altogirl