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  1. : try this, search under the letter of the band name dude..i need free sheet music...email me and tell me where u found it..please
  2. I have a problem with left hand position due to my hitchhiker's thumb, which can rotate back almost 90 degrees from an upright position. I have been working on loosening my LH, which tends to wrap around the neck of the instrument so that I can get more on top of the fingerboard to "hug" the strings and get to notes faster. I know if I just open up my hand, with the thumb resting (curved inward, not out) on the left side of the neck just under the fingerboard (not underneath, beside), it should be ok. The problem arises that when I am doing vibrato, which I use whenever the notes aren't fast runs, I tend to wrap my LH and the thumb naturally makes more room by hinging backwards against the neck. This is complicated by the fact that my hand is (no, this is NOT a complaint) literally child sized. It sounds more exaggerated than it is. Does any one else out there have this difficulty? I could use advice. Thanks, Sara
  3. Lately, I've been having a problem with my right thumb. After a few minutes of playing, I have an indentation from the frog on my thumb. After a while, it hurts a little. I have no trouble bowing--my bow is straight and my hand relaxed, except for this. Is this a problem? Should it be this way? I have thin fingers, so I suspect that this might be part of the reason. Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation?
  4. : please visit my site to get your hands on some sheet music... : http://members.aol.com/NFDDarb/index.htmlM : brad YOUR ADDRESS DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!
  5. : I would like the sheet music fir John Lennon's Imagine. : I do have some of the Beatles like Strawberry Fields, Julia and others but not Imagine . If anyone has a copy and can som how send it to me I would appreciate it. Thanks I've been looking for music everywhere...if you could somehow e-mail me the Beatles music you already have, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. I have been studying two types of vibrato recently, arm and wrist, which my teacher (who is very experienced, 2nd to concertmaster in our small city symphony) tells me are BOTH essential in playing well. I know this depends on the style of the music (romantic--arm, boroque/classical--wrist) but the teacher I am studying with over the summer (different from the one mentioned above) insists that only one type is necessary. She tells me the one that is most natural and sounds better should be enough. I am really getting arm vibrato, but my wrist vibrato is lacking (flexibility, and I have such small fingers!). What do you think? I don't want to go "the easy way" and cop out on what might be an important part of playing. Any suggestions? And also, any practice techniques for either type? Thanks. I'm so impressed with this discussion board! Sara P.
  7. I hope someone who has played this can help me. Does the Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis have a solo string quartet AND solos within the first orchestra? My community orchestra is playing it this spring, and I'm afraid I have the wrong part (supposed to be in the string quartet, but I can't tell by what is marked). Thanks for any help you can give, this worries me. Sara
  8. If this is really Tay,let me just say that I'm a really big fan of yours! If you come back to Houston could you go on a little date with me?Or a long one if you want! Hahahahaha!!! Can I really have a music sheet??? Please e-mail me back. Thanx and God Bless. Love Forever, Sara
  9. : I'm getting confused. To take it to a luthier or not..? My soundpost sounds a lot like yours, not being completely straight. I took it to my luthier who said if I liked the way it sounded, he wouldn't mess with it. So we left it! But I did ask if it looked too long, etc. and he said it wasn't. That's what's important.
  10. I am looking for sheet music of any of Fiona Apple's songs. Please E-Mail (hawafi6@aol.com) me some if you have them, or even if you know where i could get them. Thanks.
  11. Are there any other message boards like this one out there or is this the only one?Ive never come across anything like this before.Didnt think so many people were interested in violin stuff
  12. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC FROM? : : :Sure, i scanned 1300 songs already. and what?
  13. : Does anyone know were to find FREE Clarinet Sheet? I need some new music!!! : Please let me know at: Scottfamily@prodigy.net
  14. : Does anyone know were to find FREE Clarinet Sheet? I need some new music!!! : Please let me know at: Scottfamily@prodigy.net
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