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  1. The shin rest has rest in the phrase not clamp, therefore I hold the violin with left hand, making sure that my shoulders are totally relaxed without the use of a shoulder rest.
  2. I just love his ability to be so incredibly relaxed when he played and without a shoulder pad thank you very much!!!
  3. Doing lots of open strings, having your fingers around the bow as loose as possible, leading the bow with the wrist and keeping the bow at the sounding point will do wonders to your sound, it does take time to improve but it works. Trust me...
  4. It is amazing indeed that a kid of that age can play this very difficult piece. My criticism is his bow arm, a bit too stiff in which he does not cover all the notes fully. On a different subject, my teacher thinks the violinists of older generations were so great because all of them were huge opera lovers and their goals of playing was first to simulate the human voice meaning not applying a long wobbly vibrato which unfortunately is in vogue these days.
  5. Michael, I will be the one who will start a firestorm for you------- Jashua Bell!!!!
  6. Perlman uses the soil in the winter and the Del Jesu Sauret in the summer, there was an article in the Strad for his 60th birthday.
  7. Check out www.eviolin.com Talk to brice de st cyr, great guy and quite knowledgeable luthier, he sells Snow violins that he set up in his shop in NYC.
  8. thierryb


    Has anybody dealt with Brice de St Cyr in Manhattan and if so what is your experience dealing with him?
  9. Can someone recommend me a good teacher in Manhattan for intermediate level that is reasonnable fee wise??
  10. It is most likely a "Medio Fino" by JTL which by the way were unlabeled. Their value vary from $800-1200 depending on the condition of the instrument.
  11. Michael, do you think looking at a close up of the instrument that the edges showing almost bare wood is a characteristic of french instruments from Villaume's period??
  12. Spreading your fingers on the bow do help from trembling along with keeping your shoulder and your elbow down while stroking . [This message has been edited by thierryb (edited 03-08-2002).]
  13. I agree with fiddlefaddle, my luthier sells Paesold hand made instrument that are quite gorgeous in term of looks and tone for around $2,600.
  14. The F holes are quite symetrical!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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