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  1. I was just wondering if it is possible for the average person to tell the difference between a Strad copy or a Guarneri copy or an Amati copy. I'm sure that my violin is a copy of one of those, but not sure which one. I know that Strads are the most copied but is there an easy way to distinguish between these 3?
  2. : : Has anyone tried the Yamaha Silent Violin yet? I would like to get someone's opinion. : Yes I have tried the instrument out in a local music store, using both headphones and an audio amp. The "feel" is excellent and it is a real pleasure to play -- the music just seems to lie under the fingers without stress or trauma. Switching in the built-in reverb is like playing in Carnegie Hall. I would purchase one without reservation, but Canadian pricing is a bit high at this time. I am keeping my eyes open for a deal somewhere, someplace -- probably pick one up when next travelling in the U.S. Hi I was at a new music shop called MARS the musicians planit I think? any way the word mars should get you there, this is in st louis mo. usa and is great the prices are the lowest I have found. I take my son around looking for Guitars and he said that the prices are about a third lower than THE GUITAR CENTER and McMURYS here in st louis that is for guitars I dont know about Violin prices at these other stores . The silants as far as I can remember were 5-7 hundard I hope this helps and I dont work for any of these shop as you can tell from the E-mail address Good luck and have fun Mike
  3. : I too have a violin like this....what is it worth
  4. : : i'm looking for concerts follow ups need to know when lynard skynard is coming to sacramento Calif, soon i hope, need info on how to get tickets in advance. please let me know as soon as you get the info. thank you so much.
  5. Dennis Braun sells a device which attaches to your bridge called a bridge vibrator. It has a wire you use to connect it to a stereo system. I have never tried one but I am thinking of getting one to use on my new violin. Dennis' email address recently changed to txviolin@texas.net.
  6. Just like any history or other info on M.Rudemann and his violins. Thanks
  7. What do consider the "best" Roth violins from the 1920's? I have been looking at a 1929 Roth that the dealer wants $3500 for. I believe it is an Amati copy as opposed to a Strad copy. Mike : Consider buying something with some age and good future upgrade potential. I see a good future for the best Roth violins from the 1920's as well as the best Collin-Mezin violins from before the turn of the last century. These instruments should more or less fit your budget and there are other good prospects as well. : S. Hersh : : I am looking to purchase a violin, willing to spend : : ~ $10,000. : : I have the names of several dealers in Philadelphia and : : NY. : : Does anyone have any advice on how to go about purchasing : : the instrument, how to deal, how to negotiate the trade in? : : Does anyone have anything (critical or commending) to say about : : any of the dealers in these cities? Are there any that : : I should skip over? : : Any help would be appreciated. : : Thank you
  8. Doesn't sound silly to me. I believe my violin teacher started playing when she was around 9 and she is already the assistant concert master for a professional orchestra and she's only 29. I have no reason to believe that she won't someday be the concertmaster if she wishes to be. She works VERY hard and believes that you can do anything you put your mind to. Keep working hard and it will pay off. Good luck. Mike : OK. here this is, and I know it sounds stupid, but here goes: Ever since I started playing violin when I was 10, I've wanted to make a career out of it. It's my dream to go to Julliard and hopefully becoe concertmistress of the New York Philharmonic. I know it probably won't happen and I won't get rich that way, but IF it did, I would be thrilled (naturally). Yeah, this is probably the stupid fantasy of a 14 year old average violinist, but my teachers say I have lots of potential. My question is, if I really concentrated HARD on my violin study, is there any chance I could at least be concertmistress of a professional orchestra? (maybe not the Philharmonic). Please comment, thank you. : Katie
  9. I am looking at buying a new violin and have encountered a problem. The violin that I REALLY want costs more(2x)than I can afford for the foreseeable future. The dilemma is that of the 2 instruments that I CAN afford the one that I find to be a better instrument is at a different dealer so I won't be able to upgrade to the instrument that I ultimately would like to have. Of course, I am assuming that the dealer will still be carrying that maker's instruments when I'm ready to upgrade. So, should I buy the much less desireable instrument in hopes of upgrading sometime in the future or buy the one I like NOW and not worry about upgrading right now? I think I know the answer. I guess I shouldn't have been playing instruments I couldn't afford.:-( Thanks for the help. Mike
  10. Search here for comments on the Simon Fischer book called "Basics".
  11. hi i just got a violin and i want to learn how to play it ive bin playing guitar for 3 years now i dont know if that helps at all but i need help please help me give me pointers chords music anything please help asap!@
  12. In case your interested, there is an Erick Friedman video by Kultur Video. Go to www.kulturvideo.com and search on Friedman. I have not seen this video so I can't comment on it.
  13. Can anyone give me any information about their experiences with Glaesel ( from Selmer/Bach) violins ? The local music store is offering the Hornsteiner model for about $1400 for my 10 yr. old daughter who is starting her fourth yr. playing the violin. Any experiences, good or bad, would be helpful. Thanks.
  14. : if anyone knows what this is, please let me know. it is a red color, with black lines around face.
  15. I'm looking for a metronome that is loud enough to hear while playing the violin. What brand or model can anybody suggest?
  16. I have a Stradivarius made in 1793. Can anyone tell me how much I can expect to sell that for ( just the price range) ? I inherited that from my Mom who got that from her uncle. No one in my family plays it and so I don't know how it sounds. Please reply by email.
  17. : Please send any chords & lyrics to Father of Mine by Evervlear. : Thanks! : Amanda
  18. Your violin costs $50000....not! I don't know what the value of your instrument is, I have one that I would like to know more about too, its in two pieces but it is repairable, it was made by Andreas Mayerhoff from the city of Mittenwald, Germany in 1744. I don't know how much it costs or how it plays, and would like to maybe fix it one day and put it in a frame, It is a single maple back and the front is dark red with black spots, you can tell it was made in 1744 by the unevenness of the wood. If you or any body know about such a violin maker e-mail me at misha_maisky@yahoo.com
  19. while agree with you al, and the others about the german juzeks, the reality that i see is that $800 is an everyday price. finding one from a dealer in the $3-500 range on the east coast would be a hard thing to do, then again i found one at a flea market for $50, and a master model at a folk instrument store for $200 that i love. mike
  20. i agree with the glasser advice. i had up to $300 to spend, and was pleased to discover that the glasser was the best of the group (wood bows) that i tested. i have purchased 2; one just after they came out, and one a year later. they were slightly different, but they both improved my playing. even if you later get a "better" bow, the glasser composite will be an excellent backup. mike
  21. : Hi everyone. I purchased a violin (in pretty rough shape) today at an estate sale, to discover later the following tag inside: nn : Antonius Stradiuarius (with the u instead of a v) Cremonensis : Faciebat Anno 16 : about an inch down from the 16 is the double circle with the cross and the A and S, underneath that in very small letters it reads Germany. : Through research so far, I have yet to find an Anno 16 (all seem to be 17),and most references seem to be cremonenFis, not "sis." I'm sure it's a fake (my luck does not allow for good things!)....any views on the differences of my label would be appreciated! : Thanks a bunch! : Marcy
  22. : does anyone know of any old Violin makers that put tiny symbols on their violins if anyone has please email me i have samples of the symbols for reference thanks gg
  23. : My daughter turned 5 this month and has outgrown her 1/32nd violin. What is agg decent, but affordable 1/16 violin?
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