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  1. Should we start a thread on symphony groupies, classical groupies, etc? I have a friend who I knew some years ago in a community orchestra, a viola player, who dated Eric Friedman, a Heifetz student, who was hot young flavor of the month in concert fiddling in the 60s, recorded on RCA Red Seal, and has a grown son by him named Brian Donnell. He would be about 32 years old by now. And I have seen Samuel Ramey give a talk in a room full of hot women....
  2. Nicolaus Amatus Fecit in 1657 is what my violin says. I just found this in an attic and am intrigued about what you all have already discovered. Please tell me more about what we seem to have. How can you tell if it is a German made or Italian? ANy direction would be very helpful. Thanks, Sharon
  3. Strads are italian violins. the one your brother came across could be a copy. You might also like to look at the dimensions of the violin and compare it to other strads- you can get the dimensions from books like "An Encyclopeadia of the violin" or soemthing. you can also look at the vanish etc. But i think it could be just a copy. i don't know for sure though cos i haven't seen it.
  4. I think if the sound is good and you like the sound then stick to that violin. I think you should take it to violin repairers and get an estimate that way 'cos you really have to see it to judge what the damage is like. The sound post is very important maybe all you need is a new sound post. At least you have to make sure the sound post is in the right position. Maybe it fell out because it was in the wrong spot i don't know. The cracks as you said are small so it shouldn't be a big problem. But take it in somewhere and get it looked at first before you decide. If you're just going to re-learn, maybe you could get hold of an average violin and re-learn on that one until you have the money to fix the one you have. Sharon
  5. Alright everyone. thanks for all your thoughts. Gee this received the largest amount of replies I think. Suzuki and the "traditional" method both have their own strength and weaknesses. Wouldn't it be great if someone can combine the two? But i guess things also depend on the student and his/her family and surroundings etc etc. I guess a good teacher would draw out the best in each method to suit each of his/her student. But let me encourage all you budding violinists out there. Keep practising. Find what's best for you. Have a all rounded musical (as well as academic) education. My little corner on the net
  6. What do people out there think about Suzuki method? Do people agree that children should be taught how to read music right at the start or should they learn by ear first?
  7. Does anybody have any articles (or pictures or anything) about Joshua Bell that I could put on my homepage? I promise I'll put a link to your page! Thanks heaps! My homepage
  8. label inside violin reads Copy of Antonio Stradivari made in Nippon numbered 407. Tell me about it please
  9. Hi, everone.I am looking for free flute music does anyone know of some? I'm really looking for ace of base music for the flute. Sharon
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