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  1. I am not sure if there is anything on this page that might help you but I am posting it in case there is. This is one of my favortie sonatas. http://www.sheilascorner.com/mozart301.shtml
  2. I posted the information about Kelvin's instrument's. Kelvin Scott's viola won a Gold Medal. His cello won a Silver Medal for tone. His Quartet won a Silver Medal for tone I had not heard anything yet about the other contestants and the question had been asked on the Corner Violin Boards, so I shared what I knew so far. I assume they will post the entire list of the winners on the VSA website. Yes, Kelvin is a nice person and his instruments are very good, I have one
  3. If your public library has interlibrary loan, you can problay get a copy to read. I have done this with other, hard to find, expensive, violin books.
  4. Do you mean Yost? I used their Scale Book. It is now out of print. It was published by Published by Volkwein Bros. Inc http://www.volkweins.com/
  5. This is probably not going to help you, but I have the Schott editions and the a minor says Vivaldi-Nachez Concerto a minor Opus 3 No. 6 and the g minor says Vivaldi-Nachez Concerto g minor and lists no opus number.
  6. I had to learn both (the same time) and (the thumb leads). One teacher was from one school of violin teaching and the other was of another. The (thumb leads) teacher was an older teacher. The (at the same time) teacher was a young man. I found the thumb leads difficult, and I teach thumb and hand together. I had to do all the Sevcik shifting Exercises......
  7. I have tennis elbow. It began when I was doing gardening and violin playing. Now it returns when I over use it. I presently am resting it. It is my bow arm, right arm. I have an ACE tennis elbow brace I use sometimes. Since I am right handed and teach violin it is impossible to completely stop use of my right arm. Therefore it takes a bit longer to heal. The first time I got it, I went to 3 different doctors before I was given a diagnosis. I kept hoping one could cure it immediately. It takes time to heal. The best is to be careful and not over use. This time I was tense and had too many right arm activities going, and a lot of bowing. I think once you have had it, it is more likly to return
  8. I have a page dedicated to him on my website. I have not worked on that page for a while. Jaime Laredo http://www.sheilascorner.com/laredo.html
  9. A few of my present and former(have graduated) students had Pernambuco Finkel workshop bows. Two were Luthi bows. They served them well and in a couple of cases, still are.
  10. I use the International Music Company Edition. Did do a lot of fingering redos...The print is easy to read ;o)
  11. I think a student needs to have a live demonstration of the etude and how to do the technic required. There are different shifts and the there are different approaches to playing the violin. Teachers who need some extra advanced work can always take a lesson from a more advanced teacher. There are many universities and music schools that offer advanced violin education. This can be a very enjoyable experience. As a teacher I take a student as far as I can and then when I find they are ready to move on to the next learning plateau, I find them a more advanced violinist who can do more of the advanced work through demonstration. Most students tend to play similar to their teachers. I know when I listen to tapes of auditions, if I have a student in the group, I can pick them out and sometimes pick out students of other teachers, through their style. This is because the teacher plays/performs for the student and the student picks up on their playing style. So with etudes, I think the teacher needs to be able to play/perform the etude for the student and present the preferred method of doing the technic, shifting, double stops, extensions, trills, etc. Until they have learned all their technic, then a teacher can ask verbally of them many musical nuances and the student having learned the method of "how" can produce the desired musical result.
  12. I do not know if this is what you are looking for? Or if it will even help. The best help is a good teacher. Most teachers have preferred etude selections they like to present to their students to advance their playing. I am slowing working on adding the Kreutzer Etudes online at http://www.sheilascorner.com/ They are listed under Music and Study. I have also done a few of the Fiorillo. Since I do this as a hobby it is taking a while ;o)
  13. Sara, It looks like a very nice Youth Orchestra. Both my daughters played in youth orchestras through their high school years and it was a very nice experience for them. Most of my violin students participate in a Youth Strings or Youth Orchestra program. I found this online. Each audition will consist of the following: 1. Prepared solo (3-4 minutes) 2. Sight-reading Test 3. Sight-reading of orchestral excerpt. And they have a form to download. http://www.arapahoe-phil.org/APYO%20Auditions.htm They appear to havea SYMPHONY PREP ORCHESTRA http://www.arapahoe-phil.org/Arapahoe%20Ph...20Orchestra.htm and Arapahoe Philharmonic Youth Orchestra http://www.arapahoe-phil.org/Arapahoe%20Ph...20Orchestra.htm
  14. Rodney D. Mohr Gold medal bass bow http://www.bright.net/~mohrbows/
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