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  1. So far I have only bought Johannes Kohr K500's and Eastman violins and 2 from Yitamusic. The first one from Yita was nice, but the 2nd one wasn't. Sooo...I don't have a pile of junk but students happily playing "better" violins than the $50 one they started with. I checked the reviews of these violins carefully before buying that model and I haven't been disappointed yet. I happily bought my violin from a Dutch luthier for a lot more money when there on a trip. So I'm not against violin shops and wish there were some closer. I will be the first to admit I know almost nothing about what to look for in finer violins...but I'd rather be the one to say it. Music is for everyone and we shouldn't get snobby when we know more in our field than others. This was supposed to be about identifying the violin on shopgoodwill.com.
  2. It doesn't mean anything, Jacob. We're all in such different circumstances that I was just trying to let you know where I was coming from....I wasn't trying to put you down. I had to laugh when I saw where the last poster was from...I lived in Milton, FL for a little while. Now I live in S.E. Georgia and for years I was the only violin player in 3 or 4 counties that could read music. Fiddle players are more welcome around here and I had to learn to play by ear to enjoy jamming with them. I grew up in California where they offered orchestra in the school system. Actually I long to play with an orchestra again. I think I'll quit talking and just read other's opinions for a while. Thanks.
  3. Well, yes that is an option....that most of my students can't or won't afford. We live 90 miles from the nearest store that sells violins. They bought $150 violin outfits through the school and as you can imagine they don't last very long. I've bought some very nice $400 to $600 violins for $123 to $198. If you don't want to give your opinion...then don't. This violin wasn't for a student...just my curiosity. I usually stick with well-known names with good reputations. Have a good day.
  4. Hi again...I'm a violin teacher trying to find "nicer" violins for the school and private students. I've been watching Ebay and shopgoodwill.com. I'll try to not keep bothering you but could you look at shopgoodwill.com and check out this violin. It is already over $200 and it has 3 days to go. It doesn't have a label so you have to "know" what you're looking at. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Wow, I would never have thought that it was Chinese. You're all wonderful to help the rest of us out. But...it is beautiful. I won't be buying it. Thanks!
  6. This is a beautiful violin! Tell me why I shouldn't buy it....or why I should. Thanks. I forgot to say it is an auction on Ebay.http://www.ebay.com/itm/290617765560?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  7. I was just looking through a string catalog...checking out your recommendations...and found "Crown" strings that are aluminum/perlon. Has anyone tried them?
  8. Yes, it is in America....and Dominants are $49 a set plus shipping. Thank you for some great ideas. I'll certainly try some of them out. This board is great!
  9. What would be a good up-grade string to help a beginner violin sound better? Dominants are too expensive for most of my students, but I'm sure there is something out there that you could recommend that would be less expensive. Thanks for your help.
  10. I've loved all your comments. Now to be truthful....I can't play "the devil came down to Georgia" or real fiddle music or fast Irish....but I love them. I was lucky to have had a great fiddle player to enjoy music with....and he taught me how to play by ear. That was wonderful and it freed me up to play and hear music better. I could never get his wonderful bowing right....and he was self-taught just by listening and watching the best. I think it's good to at least try as many types of music as you can....and enjoy them all...even if you can't play them better than the best. Music makes life much richer...and I think I'd die without it.
  11. Yes, you are quite right. I never make fun of them and go out of my way to encourage them. I was just introducing a light moment on a hot day.
  12. Just a silly question.....how many of you have had young girls come to you for lessons so that they can play like the Celtic Women?? I've had a few. I usually tell them they have to learn the basics before they can prance around with their violin on stage. I live down South and the other type student I get occasionally is a young man wanting to learn to play "The Devil came down to Georgia". I think it's really funny. What do some of you hear???
  13. Thank you for your expert eyes and knowledge. Once again Maestronet has helped with much needed advice. I've informed the family of the pegbox issues and will let them take it from here. Since we live so far from any experts....you provide a great service. I know you can't tell much from pictures....but you saw more than we even knew to look for.
  14. If the violin has had geared tuners, does that bring down the value of the violin a lot? I couldn't see any cracks on the body of the violin. I'm adding two more pictures to see if that helps. I don't have the violin with me so I can't take better pictures. THANKS for your help.
  15. Thanks. The back is two-piece and the finish is so dark that it covers the tigering effect. Mostly I wanted to know if it really appears to be that old....and if you saw any major problems. I think that the neck may have been reglued once. We live in an area with "experts" few and far between....so I really thank you for your opinion.
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