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  1. : : : I want a place where I could find free piano notes : : on aol. I want modern music, like K-Ci and JoJo, or : : any new artists for the young people. Classical: Beethoven (Fur Elise) Children: School Music
  2. YES THERE IS!!!!! www.sneezy.org/clarinet/Music/index.htm
  3. Hi, I am a fifteen year old violinist in the International Youth Symphony Orchestra (IYSO) and am going with the orchestra to Europe this summer. The catch is that I have to raise $3000 for the trip. I have been babysitting, housesitting and building doghouses with my dad in order to pay for the trip. But I need to find some better ways. I was wondering if any of you have any thoughts. Some of the other kids in the orchestra have looked for sponsors from businesses, but they say that they don't get much response because the businesses get a lot of people asking for things like that. Besides, it's kind of like begging. I live close to Ann Arbor, MI, if that helps. I would welcome any and all ideas.
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