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  1. I do some pro bono work for a charity in Phoenix. They have some outstanding students. Perhaps they can find a nice home for it. Would you like me to give them a call ? steve
  2. What ever happened to our project? The last I heard of it was in Feb, when someone from Washington contacted me about changing the setup.
  3. You can get a table-top still from William Sonoma and distill your own cognac from cheap wine. These spirits are acceptable, and I prefer them to store bought ethanol, or de-natured ethanol. The hydroscopic nature is nice because it will slow the drying time down somewhat as the wine spirits absorb water.
  4. Please visit the new website of my good friend Prof. Jose Vasquez. http://www.orpheon.org thanks
  5. a picture is worth 100 words http://www.alpine.net/~steveg/hellmer_tail.jpg
  6. It is a consignment sale for a freind of the family. He used to be a first chair in the Sacramento symphonie. But is now elderly and retired. It will go for about $8000.00. I have seen the instrument, it is nice. But the addendum was added by Hill after Craskes' death. The tone can best be described as "constipated". steve
  7. A picture is worth 1000 words......sometimes even 2000 words. Oh maybe just a grunt and a chuckle. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...item=1492073558 [This message has been edited by steveg (edited 12-02-2001).]
  8. looks like a fine violin by mister Vaseline Gliga.
  9. he needs to edit his description and simply say that it is a bathtub Stainer copy from Germany. And describe the color and appearance as simply being similar to a childs undershorts skid mark.
  10. I always ship USPS instead of UPS. UPS does not pay damage claims without a huge fight. USPS has never damaged one of my shipments, and is far less expensive. DO NOT go to Mail boxes etc. There are packaging supply stores stores that sell direct to the public and you can package the instrument yourself for less than $10.00 Call me and I will talk you through the process. 800-648-6383 steve
  11. I need a 3/4 wood bow, not glasser. How much do you want ? I can rehair it. Call me. 800-648-6383
  12. J-B Colin, Luthier artistique, top quality Mirecourt work from the Duchene marquee. I sold one 2 years ago for $1800 US, ButterFields sold one for $2200.00 in 2000.
  13. No that is not a Banks, and regardless of how it looks it is not from 1780. But since most bidders on Ebay pay for the name on the lable, it will probably go for $2000.00.
  14. And THAT is why one should always be an appentice. Instead of trying to learn violin making from only a book.
  15. go to the hardware store and buy "japan drier" same type of stuff, only using cobalt.
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