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  1. I have a violin wqith a Jacobus Stainer label inside. Iim pretty certain that it is not an origianl, but who knows. If there is someone out there that can give me a clue as how or who to contact abouty this I would appreciate it.ThanksMel
  2. I played violin throughout grade & high school, always on rental instruments. Here it is about 12 years later, and my father has picked up a old, dusty violin at a rummage sale (I was not present.) Before I take it to hopefully be restrung, or see what other repairs it may need, I need to clean it & the case. I heard once putting mothballs inside the case for a few days helps, even when there are no visible insects. Is this true? Any other advice on cleaning it up properly? Thank you!
  3. To Mike and Ann - my thanks. It's good to know your thoughts and especially important to know that you like to hear something more. I won't go on - but if you do have a chance to hear Sherry Kloss, please go. I'd love to know what you think.
  4. : Hi, : everone.I am looking for free flute music does anyone know of some? I'm really looking for Disney music, Anybody know where I can find it?
  5. : Tuesday February 3 7:29 PM EST : Stradivarius Violin Sells For $920,000 In France : PARIS (Reuters) - An anonymous American bidder paid $920,000 at a Paris auction Tuesday : for a violin crafted by Italian master instrument-maker Antonius Stradivari in 1714. : A second Stradivarius, said by experts to have been made in 1698 but modified afterward, : was purchased by an anonymous European bidder for about $716,000, French auctioneers Drouot said. : The sales were the high points of Tuesday's auction of 115 stringed instruments and bows at Drouot's : Paris headquarters. : Auctioneer Jacques Tajan had predicted before the sale that the violin made in 1714 -- which he described : as an exquisite instrument -- would sell for between $583,000 and $833,333 "If it sold for a million dollars, : this would make me very happy," he had said. : Stradivari's violins are extremely rare and fetch extraordinary prices when they come up for sale. : A British woman paid about $617,000 in London in June, 1995, for a Stradivarius for her 10-year-old daughter, : a music student in Germany. : Reuters/Variety ^REUTERS@ I am looking to find information on a Stradivarius sold in the Toronto area within the last decade. Were there any known to be discovered in Canada within the last century? I know it's a shot in the dark, but I thought I'd try.
  6. We're looking for big band or swing tunes arranged for mandolins. Any ideas?
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