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  1. The 1909 Sears Catalog has that a Stainer Violin has a long flat scroll. The picture doesn't show the scroll very well. Would anyone like to put a picture of a flat scroll on the board? It would be interesting to us that has never seen a flat scroll. Michael Darton's photo's are nice. Thanks for making this board interesting. Millicent
  2. Samantha: I know about violins, and I know you do not need that much pressure on the violin strings. You need to be able to play the notes real fast, how can you do that if the strings are adjusted like yours are? Take it to a different violin shop. I have the same proplem with a mandolin I borrowed. I decided I wanted to learn to play a mandolin, because the strings and notes are same as a violin, but I am about to give it up, because the amount of finger pressure that it takes to press down on the strings are more than my fingers are willing to give. I think the strings could be adjusted, but the person I borrowed it from says "oh no" it supposed to be that way, "Leave it alone," I just can't hardly believe it's right. I am going to have to do what I think you should do and that is just go some place else. Millicent
  3. : Is this what you are looking for? : : Press play to hear Good King Wenceslas from Christmas for Jazz Piano : This is from one of our christmas albums. : Did you find it slowed down the display of the page? : Admin Thanks for the Music. This is what I was looking for, but not this particular piece of music, and it did not slow down the display of the page at all. Any one not wanting to hear music could turn down their sound button right? Only two people said they didn't want to hear music on this bulletin board, but if you put music on this site, you might start an uproar, you never know, but that is what makes this site interesting. I vote for music any way you can do it. After all it's a music site. Millicent
  4. You voted "No" on this bulletin board for listening to music. Bishop on this Bulletin Board said if I go to Spinner.com and download this radio that I would be happy. Thanks Bishop I appreciate it and I am happy while I am surfing, but when it comes to reading complicated posts like the one on "SoundPost" I can't read and concentrate at the same time. This radio has voice with music. What I was trying to get you people interested in was the kind of music that some Home Pages have without voice. It is easier to read and listen to music without hearing voice, in my opinion. Is music without voice distracting to you? No nasty remarks please. I know I have a one track mind. Millicent
  5. Hi Folks: Wouldn't it be nice to hear music on this site? Some Home pages have music on their sites, and it makes me want to stay on their site longer. Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to hear music on this music bulletin board site? O.K. what kind of music? Any kind of music is O.K. with me. I go with the flo. What about it folks!. Millicent
  6. I would like to see if I can play the mandolin. Is it easier to play the mandolin if you have played the violin for years? It would be better for me to rent a Mandolin first before I buy one. Do Music Stores rent Mandolins? Did anyone go to the Walnut Valley Music Festival this last week-end? They were pack in like Sardines, and I thought surely there must be someone from the Music Bulletin Board here. Millicent
  7. I would like to see if I can play the mandolin. Is it easier to play the mandolin if you have played the violin for years? It would be better for me to rent a Mandolin first before I buy one. Do Music Stores rent Mandolins? Did anyone go to the Walnut Valley Music Festival this last week-end? They were pack in like Sardines, and I thought surely there must be someone from the Music Bulletin Board here. Millicent
  8. : I would greatly appreciate any information on where I : could obtain this brand of shoulder rest. : Thank you. : Tom Dear Tom: I have a Kolitsch Shoulder rest. I have had it since the 1940's. Didn't know they still made them. On the under side of my shoulder rest it says: They spell it this way, Kolitsch Shoulderest, designed by Vlado Kolitsch Box 70 Station N,New York 23, NY.,U.S.A. You can tell by the zip code it's old. This has had a lot of wear, and still going & going. By the way, I use a shoulder rest not because I still have my nose up in the air, it's because I have a swan neck. ha, ha,
  9. : I enjoy reading some of the posts here, but I'm not really interested in all of them, nor do I have time to plow through all of them. I would really appreciate it if we could all use better subject tags. If you want to know about composite bows, say something like "Need info about composite bows," and not "A question." If you want to know about shaping a bridge, say "How do I shape a bridge," and not "violin." If you're a beginner and need help tuning, say "How do I tune a violin," and not "Help." Get the picture? I'm not criticizing any particular person, so don't get defensive and think I'm talking about YOU. It's just that I scanned the list of posts a minute ago, and lots of them just give me no clue as to what they might be about. Let's get explicit here. : Many many thanks! =============================================== Too much in the Subject Line. MacDuff you are going to succeed in getting this accomplished just about like my hollering for a long time to get people to sign their name at the end of a post, so we will know where one post ends and another post begins. Some of these posts run together with no name in between as to who is saying what. Millicent ============================================
  10. : : : I would wish that you can do it and take a picture of your hand though j/k =============================================== Pictures don't always tell you what you want to know. I hold my bow like Andrew explained, but I would like to tell it again. I hold my bow in the cut-away notch of the frog. My thumb is slightly bent and under the frog. The spot between the the joints of my index finger lies across the top of the bow. My middle and ring finger drape over the top of my bow. My little finger is above the end of the frog, and just ahead of the screw. My fingers slant toward the tip of the bow. What the pictures don't show is, that when you lift your little finger off of the bow when it is not on the strings, your bow falls. I got the Fiddle magazine in the mail today, and it shows Mark O'Conner's picture with him holding his bow and his little finger is not touching on the bow. I have seen many pictures of him and could never tell exactly how he held his bow. I didn't learn to hold my bow like Mark O'Conner holds his bow, I just wish I could play as well as he does. Millicent
  11. I would like to know what Heifetz Birth and Death Dates are. Thanks Millicent
  12. Hello, and thanks American violin maker I would like to know about a Violin Maker & repair man who worked in the 1940's Adress: Downtown Denver Co. on Trenton St. I believe. He didn't put labels inside is violins. I had one repaired and I bought one from him, later gave it away. No lables. I would love to know his name Millicent
  13. Rick: Before you do any changes have someone who knows how to play the violin and see if it squeaks for them, then you will know if the squeaks are from your playing or the squeaks are because of the strings--tuners--finger dragging-- bow too straight in the air hitting the side etc. No one has suggested the built in tuners being a problem, you said you had tuners. Have you tried it without tuners? What I did was to take off my built in tuner put on a regular size tailpiece, put the same strings back on and by doing this I got rid of my sqeaks and weird noises that I could not stand. The built in tuner had been set by a luthier, so it was o.k. I just couldn't stand the ugly sounds, so I just changed it myself and was so glad I did. the sound of my violin is good now. I don't even have a tuner on my E string. I will put one on only because everyone says you have to have an E String tuner. I would like to hear from you again, and see what you finally found out on this interesting subject. Millicent
  14. : :you are an inspiration! =================================== Dear Mimi: Thank you and Have a Great Day! :-) Millicent
  15. : What did he play? Whom does he study with? They didn't say who Andy Leftwich studied with.I would think that it is someone in Nashville, Tennesse. Music Capital of U.S.A. Home of the Grand Ole Opry. The home of Country Music. The question what did he play is interesting. He had practiced the music "Orange Blossom Special" They told him he couldn't play that for the judges, because that choice usually bring down the house. Meaning that anyone playing that piece would win. After the winners were picked. they brought the winners back to play what they wanted to play, and he played the "Orange Blossom Special" Because he won 1st place, he had the honors of having this girl dance to his music. The girl was distracting to his special piece of music. "Orange Blossom is a piece of music better played by it's self. My point is if it had been Mark O'Conner playing instead of Andy he would have chosen a different piece of music from memory. Mark O'Conner has the ability to improvise, play by ear, and play all kinds of music. I admire Mark O'Conner More & More. Playing by Ear: I used to be into Classical Music, that's all I knew. I stuck up my nose at all this other stuff. Actually I rebelled. I read Musical Notes only. I did't know I could play by ear, most classical music lovers don't. Now I am finding out it is fun playing without any music. I still have my old music books and I still read music though. I can't believe what I can do at 70 years old. Millicent
  16. My favorite is Andy Leftwich. I was spellbound by his playing. I really think he can make a name for himself if he keeps going like he is. He is a 16 year old boy from Nashville. He won the fiddle contest at the Walnut Valley Music Festival in Kansas last Sept. He got a rare standing ovation, and I just about clapped my hands off, and so did everyone else. He was up against some pretty good competition. He so impressed me that I went back to playing the violin after a 46 year lay off. I had 14 years of violin lessons and I didn't forget a whole lot either. I regret I didn't do it a whole lot earlier. So my vote is for Andy. What about you? Millicent
  17. : rehairing bows. ================== To rehair bows in Missouri it's $36.00 Millicent
  18. ADean: You write really interesting posts, and we all learn from them, but to make it easier on us, could we ask you to please put your name at the end of your post, without double spacing, so we can tell where your post end and another post begins. Please read the posts down below on the board called: "Suggestions for Follow Up Posts" ADean keep on keeping the board interesting. I appreciate them. Millicent
  19. : : Hi Folks, Though I may get accused of "policing" the board, I have a question/suggestion: when making follow up posts, how does everyone feel about deleting the message text before posting a follow-up? Especially on some of these really long threads of late, it gets hard to tell where the poster has put their response when it's buried among the prior posts. I've noticed some people already do delete the text, and at least speaking for myself, I find those threads much easier to follow. It also takes less time for the system to load a follow up than when all the prior postings are left(the thread on Wood-Be Repairman is a good example). So, what do you guys think? : But here's another perspective -- when I plan to read a long thread, I always check the LAST post in the hope that no one in the thread did delete the preceding messages! If they did not delete them as you suggest, then the entire chain can be read on one screen rather than accessing multiple pages. I haven't found it difficult to find the "new" post. Hence, from my perspective, the rule you suggest doesn't remedy any real problem, but could actually make reading the board a little harder in some circumstances. End of my two cents! =========== To Jane's Post: We are posting not writing a letter, forget the paragraphs in your particular post, BUT type your name at the end of the post, so we can tell when one post ends and another post begins. It would be nice to say who you are writing to at the beginning of the post too. Have a good Day! Millicent
  20. : :I've never even seen him play a single chord on guitar. : Just so you know, Garth Brooks does play the : guitar. He plays throughout his concerts and : also does solos without the band - just him and : his guitar. In fact, he seems to be quite a good : player. However, I've never seen him playing high : enough to "make use" of the cutaway. I think : you're right, the cutaway is only for looks, on : the guitar as well as on Jimmy Mattingly's fiddle. : Alison Dear Alison: You must be a Garth Brooks fan. Thank you for telling me the name of the fiddle player, I couldn't find it anywhere. Appreciate it. Millicent
  21. : Does anyone but me have problems opening some of the posts with IE 4.0 on this Bulletin Board? Roughly 1 of 5 posts can't be opened and it usually seems to be the main (top) post on a subject. I have problems at work and at home and don't remember having problems with Netscape. My IE4.0 seems to work okay with other web pages and BBs? I sent Admin an email shortly after IE4.0 was available last fall but never received a reply. ===================================================I installed 4.0 Internet Explorer 2.5 the same day of your post. I left Netscape on the computer until I see if I like Microsoft. It works fine so far. Have no problems coming up with Maestronet or the posts. I have a 56,000 Modem. Could it be your computer that is causing your problem? This is just something to think about. My problem was being able to get onto the Internet, when I wanted to. Internet Explorer comes up every time. Millicent
  22. I saw Garth Brooks Music Show on T.V. He has a good fiddle player, but he has a different looking fiddle. Looks like a custom made job to me, a fourth of the fiddle is cut out. Most of his playing was in first position, so it probably wasn't for easier sliding into positions. What is it for? I will be waiting to hear if anyone can tell us anything about Garth Brooks fiddle player's fiddle. Thanks Millicent
  23. Thanks everyone for your answers to the post "WHY" below, they are appreciated. I got quite a few differences of opinion. I was just about to believe that you could put polish on spirit varnish, and take your oil varnished violin to the violin shop. I have an oil varnish violin and I have a violin I bought in Dec. that the violin shop made it to look like new, and it is beautiful. It has Spirit Varnish, and it is obvious that they polished it, but it has streaks & I want to do it over. I didn't pay for having the violin shop clean my oil varnished one, I took it in to get it appraised & etc. I'm confused as to what to do wih it now,if I go by the verbal appraisal it doesn't matter what I do. It appraised for $100 to 200 dollars. I have had this violin for 61 years and I have a lot of sentiment here, which is not worth anything when it comes to an appraisal. It is sentiment that makes me want to keep it though, worth more to me than anyone. I am one of those that the Luthier-Appraiser just tolerate. They hear the same story over & over & over, so you think you have an original, and they say it is nothing but a factory made instrument. I want to say to the Luthier-Appraisers, we know you have seen thousands, but you realize we have only seen one, so don't act like you are tolerating us, it shows. What would you apraisers like to tell people to help them be prepared when they take their instrument in for an appraisal? That could cut down on shock & help the luthier too. It sounds like I don't like my violin shop, but I do, they are all fine people, and have been real nice to me, that is why I take the blame for this incident, I blame it on lack of knowledge.
  24. I know I am not supposed to put furniture polish on a violin, but I don't know WHY. Wood is Wood Varnish is Varnish I can hear you cringe now. I said it Millicent -----
  25. I must be using too much rosin on my Bow, and now I have a problem with Rosin Buildup on my Strings. What do I clean it off with, a rag won't work. I don't have a buildup on the wood part, I wipe it off each time, but if I did what do you clean off rosin buildup, on wood? I've never had this problem before that I can remember. I am using dark color Belmor Rosin now. ================================== ==================================
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