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  1. Quote: with the DW... -dogma DW = devoted wife? DW = dogma woman? DW = damaged wiolin? DW = darned wabbit?
  2. Quote: The Amati Foundation has now changed its listing for China. Originally it cited Zhang Shu Mei but found out this was a ficticious name. Zheng Quan is based in Beijing and is the most distinguished maker in China today. Months ago I read on the Amati website a lovely story about how Mr. Townsend started the Amati Foundation. The article said that Mr. Townsend went to China on business and his translator happened to be related to a violin maker. I don't remember the name - they all look alike to me. The story continued, saying that Mr. Townsend became interested in violin making because of this person, I assume Zhang Shu Mei, and sat with ZSM day after day learning the art of VM. So I surmised that either 1) The story was a revelation rather than an actual event. 2) ZSM only had characteristics that lead Mr. Townsend to assume that he was a Chinese person when in reality he was a person of Fictitious decent. 3) Every morning Mr. Townsend would greet his master "Good Morning Master Zhang" and received the reply "Zheng not Zhang". Smiling, Mr. Townsend assumed that this was a quaint traditional salutation. 4) Or Mr. Zhang really did exist. I just checked the Townsend website and he does mention a Ziang Mei, which I believe to be the same person, just an alternate phonetic spelling.
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. A red flag was raised when I saw the word junky. How do "these" people sleep at night?
  4. Any comments on this violin? Why would a seller describe his auction as junky? web page
  5. And I thought you were such a mild guy
  6. I like the Beckley frog. I'm not too crazy about his tip. I've seen that style in "art furniture", just not my cup-o-tea. Subtly different is good. Tastefully different is good. An amazing departure from the norm, artistically done, is great. But, different for the sake of different is not for me.
  7. Hi Larry, I heard a story that might involve your ex-strad. My friend was working at a hotel as a porter and happened to take something to Daniel Heifetz's room. He explained to Mr. Heifetz that he was a french horn major and they struck up a conversation. After a while, my friend asked if he could see Mr. Heifetz's violin. Mr. Heifetz made him sit on the bed so that all would be safe while he was allowed to hold the violin for about 2 minutes. My friend ended up talking to Mr. Heifetz for 45 minutes. He said that he was luck he wasn't fired over that long delivery.
  8. Is there something I'm missing about Ventapane? I've tried two (admittedly a small sample) and thought that both were terrible in sound and in craftsmanship.
  9. Looks like it was inspired by Joe Curtain's Evia
  10. Don't know about the mark, but from an ant's viewpoint, that's one heck of a suspension bridge.
  11. Many french violins are large. But many of them also have other problems. If the arch is good and the graduations are good, is a violin in the 14 1/4" range (playability aside) neccessarily bad?
  12. Thanks for the info Takumi. I did some searching and found that the Tian Ying factory is very close to where I'll be going.
  13. Quote: I have business interests in China (nothing to do with music or violins) and so have the opportunity to travel there from time to time. Hi GlennYorkPA, Could you tell us about your experiences in China? I'll be going to Shanghai this summer on business (also not related to music). I'd like to at least visit some violin makers there. Can you give me some recommendations? Also, what are your thoughts about buying directly from the maker? Thanks for any of your thoughts.
  14. Did he refuse or did he decline? As remote as it might be, I'd hate to be the one playing someone else's violin exactly during the moment when an existing crack continued all the way to the soundpost.
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