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  1. Thank you all, some interesting suggestions [Violinerrrz, maybe I'm being really stupid but I thought I looked more like Monsieur Stravinsky myself ]
  2. Does anyone know any composers that composed for this combination, or specific pieces for them? Thanks!
  3. The Scotsman Mon 26 Jul 2004 Ring tones silenced by wallpaper KEVIN HURLEY THE trill of a mobile phone in a cinema at a key moment in a film could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a revolutionary new screening method. British scientists have developed a hi-tech "wallpaper" that will block radio waves to prevent phones ringing when they should be turned off. Researchers have found a way to mass-produce frequency-selective screens (FFS) which filter out radio signals while allowing others through. The screens, an intricate pattern of fine metal grids, can be hidden within wallpaper so they will not be noticed when they are installed. The breakthrough was made by experts at QinetiQ, a technology development company, who say the wallpaper will be useful in areas that require a "quiet zone", such as cinemas, airports, hospitals and schools. The company, which, before it was privatised, was part of the Ministry of Defence, believes the innovation will also be a valuable weapon in the fight against terrorism. Areas that could be screened within an airport include the arrival halls and the explosive containment areas, where suspicious packages are held while under investigation, because the radiowaves emitted by a mobile phone could not be used to detonate a bomb. Michael Burns, the director of aviation markets at QinetiQ, confirmed that the company has now developed a way to produce the screens on a large scale. He said: "Phones can not only be disruptive but, on occasions, can pose a real security threat as they could be used to set off a device. "The wallpaper allows certain wavelengths to pass through them while preventing others, so that some mobile phone signals are effectively wiped out." "Until now, it’s only been practical to manufacture small areas of frequency selective screens, so they have been predominantly used as the protective screening for microwave doors or in various radar applications. "It’s now both practical and economical to produce large sheets of material." The wallpaper is produced by printing the grid pattern on to the surface to be screened. Metal is then "grown" in the desired pattern when the wallpaper is immersed in a chemical bath. However, the experts admit that the technology, whose origins lie in stealth aircraft and boats, does have a flaw. Radiowaves can flood a screened room when a door is opened. article link
  4. Does painting an instrument make it sound worse? Gliga "special requests" (By the way, am not actually interested in getting one, just curious about it )
  5. Thanks for the info, I asked this question because I saw that all three books are available here: Fuller music Being a music student and not a professional musician, would it be worthwhile getting any of them? They're not in any libraries here that I could find. Thanks, Claire
  6. I see there are 3 of these books. Can someone tell me what is in them, and should I get all of them? Claire
  7. Thanks all! Hope there's I can get at least a decent violin soon, since the yearly auditions are soon...
  8. Are there any instrument loan banks in the UK that I could apply to? My violin & viola were stolen from my flat recently and I have not enough money to replace them as I was about to upgrade to better instrument. Thank you for any help, Claire
  9. If you want the chance to play alongside the viola section of the BBCSSO, go here! They want any standard, from beginner to professional. http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/musicscotlan...ning_news.shtml
  10. Oops. o_O Ok, I'll be careful then. I only want to listen and learn from them!
  11. So if it does this even when you're sleeping, when does your brain get chance to rest?!
  12. My brain seems to have a penchant for all sorts of music, it's like a immediate CD changer! It often runs though entire symphonies/musicals while I'm sleeping, but does that mean you're not actually resting properly if it does that? Thanks for the intriguing post! erialC
  13. Thank you very much! Now I can record all the Proms
  14. Could anyone tell me if it's possible to record from the radio? Thank'ee!
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