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  1. I would rather suggest trying it for yourself, on a few dozen or a few hundred instruments.
  2. Raising one leg above my head was awkward, when I was vertical. We had a good teamwork thing going before "Shar Wars", didn't we? And after, we all recovered, and moved on to bigger and better things.
  3. Absolutely, with a little practice. A burr that is big enough to feel with your thumb is a mega-burr.
  4. I think so. Da bestest fiddle-maker at the local county fair and chili-cookoff may not always be the bestest person to get higher learning from.
  5. That's what I put high reliance on, too. A burr can cut hair really well, but will bend over or break off when subjected to serious wood-cutting duty, instantly producing a messed-up cutting edge.
  6. Mostly, I have preferred the sound of violins with chinrests, versus those without. Gone back and forth hundreds of times on the same violins. If someone prefers a mushier and less focused sound and response, sans-chinrest might be a good option.
  7. Marty has been a bold and clever experimenter. Pretty much anything outside of "the usual", in the violin world, will not be easily accepted, as long as old Cremonese violins are (erroneously?) considered to be the ultimate manifestation.
  8. If I show up at the gym this morning driving a Lamborghini, I'll be semi-famous too. Or even if I show up with a Strad at a truck stop. "Breaker one-nine, there's a jen-wine Strad-you-various at the Baker Road truck stop."
  9. How about an adjustable-length telescoping handle? Casey, I haven't gotten around to actually trying the shovel handle yet, but it seems like it might work pretty well.
  10. Roughing while seated? That sounds a little weird to me. Way too slow and inefficient. The only time I've done that is when I was in a wheelchair, because that was easier than roughing while standing on one leg and holding crutches with both hands.
  11. What do you mean by "what type of varnish?
  12. My Mom would have wanted me to take birth-control pills too, but unfortunately, birth-control pills for men had not been invented yet.
  13. My mother is deceased, too, but she and I still have conversations, and I no longer live in her basement. Dang it, she kicked me out about 50 years ago.
  14. My web site it highly fact-based, and I have already explained many times why I don't post more photos of my violins. If your memory is failing you, it is because It assists the fakers of contemporary instruments. The fakers won't affect my financial bottom line much, if at all, but I do care about others getting scammed. Please ask your mother to limit your living-in-mom's-basement internet privileges, for the benefit of everyone.
  15. I prefer actual testing to "intuition", when both are available.
  16. It's a bit confounding that anyone, even a cloistered Nun, would need to ask.
  17. 1. Didn't you write: "Not that say, Menuhin, just as ONE example did not try ( and sometimes even bought ) hundreds of new violins"? If you intended to make a distinction between the number of violins Menuhin tried, and the number he bought, you failed to do so. I have tried thousands of violins, in my normal practice of trying most violins which came in for repair or maintenace, before they went out the door. Maybe add a few thousand more from my participation as a judge in various violin-making competitions. 2. 16 K is not peanuts to me. And if someone doesn't trust my "selling ski
  18. We old codgers can get pretty wild on bingo night!
  19. You could do your own experiment by using rubber cement to glue on an E string protector, and see what you think. Or think tap dancing shoes, versus sneakers.
  20. I don't know. Refer back to what I have posted above. I did not own it at the time, and don't recall ever having spoken with Menuhin. A little history on that particular violin, according to the Smithsonian website: https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_605484
  21. Menuhin may have also preferred a Mittenwald violin to a Strad or a Burgess. I have no idea, since I don't recall having ever spoken with him, and was not the one who furnished him with the Burgess violin.
  22. Actually, Menuhin did play on one of my violins for a while. That violin is now owned by the Smithsonian Institution. I did not donate, nor furnish any sort of discount to either Menuhin or the Smithsonian.
  23. What is your evidence for Menuhin having purchased hundreds of violins? Affirming either old or new violins can have monetary advantages and disadvantages. I've been offered around 16 thousand dollars to find a buyer for a Stradivari. I have not yet had an offer even remotely close for finding a buyer for a contemporary violin. Dude, start to use your analytical skills a bit, rather than remaining totally overwhelmed by your particular set of emotional vulnerabilities.