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  1. If Davide volunteers to judge, I will too, because I think the two of us together would have a jolly good time!
  2. Sheesh, most of the deforestation in Brazil is due to clear-cutting by Brazillians for cattle ranching (beef is one of their largest exports), and also for agricultural crops. Much of their motor fuel comes from sugar cane.
  3. Does this mean that all the planting of pernambuco trees in Brazil by the International Alliance of Violin and Bow Makers for Endangered Species has been for naught? The wood can never be exported?
  4. Aren't all French folks automatically artists and artisans by birth? The label is obviously directed to people in outlying savage areas who may not realize this already, to inform them.
  5. With a bit of time, what this will often do is simply transfer the deformation to a less visually conspicuous place.
  6. Your envy is duly noted. We Americans do have covetable creativity with words.
  7. Since they claim that this compressed wood contains no added resins, wouldn't it uncompress somewhat with exposure to sustained moisture (like most wood), as when such a fingerboard is kept wet with perspiration for some time? Any experience with that?
  8. Supply chain issues got so bad and impossible to remedy recently, that my wife quit her job of several decades which largely involved supply of ball and roller bearings for various manufacturing production lines, from automotive to home appliances. Suppliers of parts can be charged horrendous amounts of money if they don't meet their customers "just in time" requirements, resulting in a production line shutdown for even an hour! Now that she is "retired", I can never retire.
  9. Is the drying time about the same? How about the temperature inside the box? (I presume it is lower, since low relative humidity is no longer a problem?)
  10. How does that compare with the bulbs you were previously using?
  11. Uhm, take about ten steps back in the direction of reality, dude. Which of us has been humping their own for-sale products more here? Me or you?
  12. OK. So it would it be appropriate to insert a label in my violins reading, "Master Hans Weisshaar"? I also received a lot of information and personal encouragement from Charles Beare. And a lot of inspiration from the instruments of Stradivari. So instead of using my real name, maybe the label should read...
  13. Who is Dr. JG McIntosh, and does he actually have a Doctor's degree, or is he guilty of "title misappropriation"?
  14. Quite possible. Heating dried hot hide glue without additional moisture will not re-liquefy it. But maybe I misunderstood what you were suggesting?
  15. Makes one or both of us a little hot and steamy, which is rather disgusting at our advanced ages.
  16. I'd hollow out the inside some, and then see if clamps will pull it together. If so, I'd leave the outside alone for now, so that further wood removal will get rid of any glue which soaks into the outside surface of the top when regluing, which otherwise might cause lighter areas upon varnishing. Use a fairly thin glue (not just water), and rub it in thoroughly from both sides. If you can get it to come all the way through while rubbing from the first side, before proceeding to the other side, even better. Extra working time before the glue gels can be had by heating up a small room. If you use the bathroom for this, you can also run a hot shower to produce some steam, raising the humidity and giving you even more working time.
  17. But didn't Clint Eastwood use .44 magnum for his ferrules?
  18. I think this is the same Amati quartet that the Lafayette Quartet was using for a few years. I knew them a little bit because the quartet was originally formed in Detroit before taking up residency at the University of Victoria. https://lafayettestringquartet.ca/bios/
  19. I hadn't thought of brass cartridge cases. Neat idea. Available in lots of different sizes.
  20. OP, there's both new and discarded metal tubing all over the place. For a chisel ferrule, the type of metal won't matter that much. You could even take a piece of discarded copper water line, or discarded iron gas line, cut off a section with a hacksaw, and file the end of the wooden handle down to fit the inside diameter of the ring. Not nearly as pretty as something Norfleet would fabricate, but quite adequate for getting down to business.
  21. In the workmanship portion? Probably very little to none. In the tone portion? I don't know. One could look at the instruments which received high marks for tone, and see if there are any common denominators there.
  22. No, I think that both the water and acetone would be gone by the next morning. Instead, I would suggest starting first thing in the morning, monitoring and replacing it throughout the working day as needed. If a full workday isn't enough, there are some people who will also stay up all night to get the outcomes they desire.
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